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FIFA 15 Coins and are in good physical 23/3/2015

After school, because of the size FIFA 15 Coins and are in good physical condition, I attended the school's volleyball team, apart from me, the rest of the players are teachers. I followed the teachers took part in the games, more obsessed with sports September 1951, I was admitted to the Institute for nationalities in Xinjiang in yili (now University of Xinjiang), entered the hospital football team. Due to a strong academic record, did not graduate, I was promoted to school to teach in May 1953, after learning of the news of Northwest football tryouts will be organized, autonomous region cyl Committee decided on within the moyu pick 15 football players put together a football team of Xinjiang (Xinjiang Sports Committee yet to be established). Therefore, region of Xinjiang has set up a football team starting League, the University football team and Urumqi in Xinjiang where I first normal school football team participated in the tournament League site located in the State cadre school, at that time, I did not know the purpose of the League. League playing finished hòu soon, I received has autonomous regions Youth League of notification, said I has selected Xinjiang football team, immediately to rushed to the Lanzhou participate in Northwest football tryouts sat has 6 days truck, Xinjiang football team smooth arrived in Lanzhou, along, I knot woven has from tianshan North-South of each national players, they in the has Uighur, and Tatar, and Russian, has workers, and students and farmers......

Soccer tryouts held in Lanzhou in Northwest China, from Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai and other football team on the field turf. Because the shorter set up time, inadequate training, Xinjiang football team's overall strength is weak, but the players with a good physique and a strong will, in trials in the middle. Afterwards, we went to Shanghai, participated in the National Games held in Shanghai.

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