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14/6/2018 - This should include where you live
This should include where you live, how you live and what stuff you live with. Sometimes just getting rid of old junk and things can create a lighter backpack for your new life.Step Ten: Change your financial stateMoney is such a personal topic. Start with a clear understanding of what you need vs. what you want. There is a difference. How much money do you need to make, net after taxes to do the work you love? It is amazing to me how many people don't have a good idea as to their monthly cash flow and expenses. Where can you lighten the load? Start with small things and work your way up. Don't expect miracles. Stay away from traditional advice like saving for retirement. This should be the first idea to throw out. Cash out your savings for death (my word for retirement) and use now to fund your way towards doing what you love. You won't die or go homeless at this step.

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