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low cost pcb to how to buy the right PCB device!2/2/2016
how to buy the right PCB device! If you are planning to install PCB device in your office or home make sure that you take into account certain important factors:

*Always opt for a company that is into express PCB manufacturing. This is because the company that manufactures it will not only be a manufacturer but also a dealer. And in case if you ever face any problem with the device you can contact them anytime and they will repair it or replace it within a short span of time.

*More with a manufacturing company you also get the option to go for custom circuit board. You can easily tell the professional what you are looking for. The circuit board will be made as per your need and requirement. If you want to use a single board for multiple devices then tell the professional about it. He will make sure that the board is able to meet the requirement of all the devices. />*Keep in mind that the PCB design software main aim is to increase and channelize the electricity flow in the right direction so if the device is of poor quality then it will fail to serve the purpose for which it has been bought. So always insist on high quality circuit board.

*You also need to take into account the cost factor. If you are buying from the available varieties then the cost will be of one type but if you are opting for a customized version then the cost involved will be different. Generally the price varies due to the quality and the brand manufacturing it. So in other words there are different costs involved and you will eb charged as per the variety that you are buying.

*Generally the device will be delivered within 7 working days in case you have selected one from the available varieties. But, if you opt for a customized one then the delivery date will vary from 15 days to 1month or more time depending on the customized work involved.

Once you keep all these factors in mind. You will be in a better position to buy the device. So go ahead and check out the different online vendors. Once you type in the words in the search engine, Google will give you a list of the manufacturing units that deal in these items. From there make a list of the companies that you would like to check out. Visit the sites of these companies and collect their phone number. Call up the professionals and tell them what you are looking for and see what they are saying. Opt for the one that meets all your requirements and is also fitting your budget. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the stores today only. These devices are a great way to make the most of your electronic equipments. The right circuit board will make all the difference, so be wise in your selection.

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pcb etching The Latest Arrivals in the Motherboard Market2/2/2016
The Latest Arrivals in the Motherboard Market Motherboard also known as different other names such as system board, main-board, planar board, is the chief Printed Circuit Board (PCB) inside computers. The board contains main components of the computer and at the same time provides a platform to other peripherals. Nowadays motherboard manufacturers are frequently coming up with new models with unique and advanced benefits to keep pace with the ever growing demands of the time.

Here you will have the latest motherboard news that has recently hit the market. The motherboard news are collected from highly reliable and authentic sources and tried to be presented in an interesting way as far as possible.

The new Gaming Motherboard from Gigabyte:

Gigabyte has launched its new motherboard called X99M Gaming 5 especially for the gamers and claiming it to be the first one in its kind. It is able to host two graphic cards on accounts of a couple of PCIe slots each can run at a speed of 16x when a compatible processor is set up. The on-board audio is powered by ALC1150 codec from Realtek. There are several connectivity options as the board is built with as many as 10 SATA connectors including an Express connector.

X99-Deluxe motherboard from Asus:

The board is having Intel X99 and support for USB 3.0 and DDR4 RAM, Thunderbolt connectivity, M.2 storage devices, Smart Response Technology and Rapid Storage Technology from Intel. These are all features that appeals greatly to the power seekers and enthusiasts. One unique feature is the Asus OC Socket (patent pending) that ensures stable performance even at the time of intensive over-locking. Besides it is the first motherboard for desktops to host DDR4 RAM with 8 DIMM slots.

Extreme 11 X99 Motherboards from Asrock:

Asrock has brought in X99 Extreme 11 motherboard that boasts of as many as 18 SATA connectors and support for Xeon and Intel Core i7 processors. It can support M.2*4 SSDs each having the bandwidth of 2.8GB per second. The onboard audio is powered by Purity Sound Technology2. Last but not least the board supports DDR4 modules with quad channels capable of operating up to 3200 MHz.

ECS presents ITX Z97I Mini Drone Motherboard:

This motherboard in spite of its short figure is packed with high end components to support 5 phase power providing system. The board features Intel Z97 chipset and also having a LGA1150 socket for the CPU. There are also two DDR3 memory slots along with a PCIe expansion slot. To connect the SATA devices it has got 5 SATA connectors. The board comes with a new feature called Durathon Technology that sees to it that it delivers reliable services even when performing for considerably long periods.

MSI announces Z97S SLI Krait series Motherboard:

The motherboard feature excellent quality class 4 VRAM components including a pair of PCIe Gen slots. They host both NVIDIA SLI as well as Crossfire X Setups. There are also other slots including PCIe 2.0 and a couple of PCIs. The motif behind the Krit, a malignant snake, is a unique feature of the board.
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