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15/1/2020 - A stent is a small tube
The high precision laser cutting machine has proved its worth by providing flawless PPR Sockets welding machines functioning in a wide range of industries. To get you acquainted with this technology, I will be discussing some of its benefits in this article. The technology that is mostly used to create medical tubes and other components is high precision laser cutting machines. More particularly, the creation of medical tubes and tools require fiber laser cutting along with gas assist. That is, the laser beam is assisted through some coaxial gas, such as oxygen. One example of the application of industrial laser cutting machines in creating medical instrument is the creation of expandable stent.
A stent is a small tube that is used to improve the strength of damaged arteries. With the help of a high precision laser cutting machine, scientists have been able to develop a stent from single length of tubing. The mentioned stent was developed by directly cutting from a single metal tube by precisely focusing the laser beam on it. The benefits of industrial laser cutting machines is not just limited to the creation of high precision medical tools but it extends to various industries. Let us consider some of the industrial applications of the high precision laser cutting machines. The green laser marking machines operate at the wavelength of 532 nm. This wavelength is highly advantageous in providing ultra fine and soft markings on various material parts. The additional advantage of these green laser marking machines is that they can be used on any type of substance. Therefore, regardless of whether your industry is working on plastic or metal, these machines will be there for your assistance. One reason why industrial laser cutting machines are gaining great popularity is their unique modality of functioning.
The high precision laser cutting machine operates without touching the material it is working on. This enables this machine to work on both reactive and nonreactive materials equally well. All the mentioned functionalities provide these industrial laser cutting machines multiple unique capabilities, such as has been mentioned below:The capacity to smoothly and speedily marking on highly sensitive materials. This technology enables the industries to mark all the parts of the components with just a single machine.Allows industries to do micro-marking on a range of materials. These machines provide industries the capability to mark on multi-levels.The HDPE butt fusion welding machines marking can also be done on inclined surfaces.No matter what the environmental condition is, these high precision lasers always give precise results.

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