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12/1/2018 - Automobile security has changed dramatically in the last several years

Automobile security has changed dramatically in the last several years. We have gone from the era when there were only 2000+ key combinations used for every car of the largest auto manufacturer, to transponder controlled ignition systems, that change electronic codes each time you start your car...

Beginning in the last 1960's automobile manufacturers, spurred by the dramatic rise in automobile theft, started adding more security to the key and lock systems. The idea was to make it more difficult for unauthorized persons to get keys for your car, and make it more difficult for them to bypass the security of the ignition system.

From the 30's to the 60's it was somewhat common that you might know someone whose car key also fit your car. Keys locks and systems did not change every year. Electronics, bio metrics and other technologies were not being applied to automobile security systems.

That has changed; the systems being of today are evolving very rapidly. Some manufacturers even employ bio metric systems that identify the driver by fingerprints, voice prints or some other unique feature; these systems do not even use keys. These advances in key and lock security do not come cheap, and in most cases require expensive equipment to work on them. Sometimes that equipment is only available to the manufacturer or dealer.

wheel hub bearing Many professional locksmiths have invested in the training and equipment needed to work on these systems, however the days of the $1.00 duplicate key to your chariot is quickly becoming a distant memory.

We have gone from the era when there were only 2000+ key combinations used for every car of the largest auto manufacturer. Up to transponder controlled ignition systems, that change electronic codes each time you start your car. The use of transponder technology seems to be the dominate system for today's manufacturers.

What are transponder controlled systems and how do they work? The technology, it may surprise you is really quite old. A "transponder" is in essence a combination radio frequency receiver and transmitter. It transmits a radio signal or binary code that can be picked up by another receiver, if the codes or signals match, then some action is allowed.

Transponder technology has been used for many years, and is still used today for aviation control. When a pilot needs to be positively identified in a radar environment, air traffic control will give him a specific code that he will dial into his transponder, the transponder will continuously transmit that code, which will be received by the radar, a labeled "blip" will appear on the air control radar that shows exactly where that aircraft is.

The miniaturization of electronics now allows a transponder to be placed in the head of your car key, this transponder transmits a specific code that is received by a receiver in the dashboard of your car, if they match, you can start your car.

Some of the problems with current transponder systems include;

No standard system - at last count there are five different manufacturers of these systems - how and who they allow to produce duplicate or replacement keys seems to differ with each system.

Some will allow only the manufacturer of the car to service any part of the system - this usually results in severe time and expense penalties.

Some will only allow the auto dealers to service systems or provide duplicate keys - again the result is more time and expense.

Some will allow locksmiths to service systems and provide duplicate keys - there usually is no time delay involved, because specialized electronic equipment must sometimes be used, it will still be more expensive than the consumer may expect.

Some systems do not require the use of specialized equipment, but may require that 2 or more original keys and the car be present to allow "programming" duplicate keys to the vehicle.

Because of the difficulty of explaining these systems, and the expense that can be involved, some dealers and /or salesmen are reluctant to discuss these systems. It is imperative that you know if your vehicle is equipped with an ignition security system, how it operates, and what is involved in obtaining duplicate keys. You may have to demand that you be given this information.

The benefit of these systems is that having duplicate keys does require that they be programmed to the car, by some method. The likelihood of someone obtaining an unauthorized duplicate is very remote.

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11/1/2018 - To further enhance hydraulic machinery industry cluster effect

Tang Zhen belong to Jiangsu Province, Gaoyou has jurisdiction over 17 administrative villages, with a total population of 37000 people, town resident population of 8,300 people. Tang Town is located in Gaoyou, Jiangdu, Xinghua City, at the junction of three, since ancient times is the trade and prosperity of the land, known as the East Zhouzhuang, West fanchuan, small tangzhuang race Yangzhou of good reputation. In recent years, the town adhere to market oriented, science and technology as the guide, the institutional innovation as the driving force, and environmental excellence as a platform for people to develop the economy, private economy and three production economy and the promotion of the town s rapid economic development, creating a in order to seed layers, special aquatic products and high quality grain and cotton based agricultural production patterns and in hydraulic machinery, medical equipment, textile machinery parts and auto parts, QUILT single, fine chemical based backbone of industrial production systems. At the same time, food and beverage, logistics, transportation and other tertiary industry booming economy.

The town in 2005 to achieve 1.1 billion in total economic output, more than doubled in 2002. Town leaders, said: In the past we have only held in the city and this county such promotion activities, the intensity is not enough, the effect is not ideal. Now the town s economy has leapt to a new platform, to achieve a new leap forward, we must in our industry on the edge has been formed to make a fuss. recent visit to Shanghai to invite more business, not to slaves to fashion, frill, but the further development of the town economy, bigger and stronger we are the inevitable demand of the dominant industries.

In the press conference, Tang Town, highlighted the hydraulic machinery industry cluster development.

Hydraulic machinery industry is the main industry, Tang Town, the town has to Chaoyang, complete sets, electro hydraulic putting plants, Bai edge as the lead, Shunda, Tenda, Tamron, Long Xin, Chinese industry, Shen Da, Shen Ye da, JIN Tai lai, Fidelity, top new rising sun, sea Xin, Chun ming as the backbone of hydraulic machinery manufacturing enterprises nearly 50, the total number of employees reached 3,500, of which more than 100 senior technicians. Tang Zhen hydraulic machinery enterprises in 2005 achieved a total sales income of 480 million yuan, becoming the country s largest production base for hydraulic machinery, known as China s hydro mechanical of the town.

According to reports, Tang Town, hydraulic machinery industry began in 1997, the reason why in less than a decade to form such a large scale, mainly because of these new private hydro mechanical company stick to the science and technology enterprise development road, be willing to invest on research and technical innovation. Currently the backbone of the town of hydraulic machinery manufacturing enterprises apart from their own R & D centers set up, but also to Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing and other places of scientific research institutes, colleges close contact with the development of new products every year as many as 100 more than the million species specifications, these products are not only sold all over the country s coal, steel, thermal, chemical and other industries and medium sized enterprises, but also exported to international markets. It is worth mentioning that the town has 13 kinds of hydro mechanical products obtained national patent.

A sound marketing network is tangzhuang hydraulic machinery selling a prerequisite. These companies, with offices throughout the country in more than 60, more than 800 front line sales staff busy in the market every day has brought more than 200 million yuan wheel hub bearing kits Tang Town of product orders. In this way, Yang liquid card , super card , Jiang a license and other hydraulic machinery brands in the market rise has been well known enterprises such as Baosteel of all ages.

To further enhance hydraulic machinery industry cluster effect , Tang Town in 2004, invested more than 1200 million in the Town established a hydro mechanical industrial park set up in the Town Industrial Park of Industry and Trade. Hydraulic Park to hydraulic machinery manufacturing based, radiation and driving related supporting industries; Industrial Park major developments in medical equipment, clothing, engineering machinery, automobile parts, motorcycle parts and other industries. It is reported that a short period of two years, dozens of companies have already settled in the new industrial park, the first to enter the enterprise has become a large scale of production.

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Automobile security has changed dramatically in the last several years
To further enhance hydraulic machinery industry cluster effect


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