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7/11/2018 - This leads to a lot debate among water authorities

However, the high costs to remove contaminated soil, along with related completion sampling and analysis, would certainly significantly increase project costs.


This leads to a lot debate among water authorities, developers and contractors regarding regardless of whether site investigation and soil analysis becomes necessary if a barrier pipe is installed..


If barrier plumbing are specified, there is whilst in carry out soil sampling and analysis and this stands out as the most cost-effective solution in a group of cases.


When wrapped steel, wrapped ductile metal, copper and PE barrier pipe with PPH Pipe Fittings an aluminium barrier stratum (PE-Al-PE) all provide an effective barrier to most contaminants, a PE-Al-PE barrier pipe is the only material tested to supplies a safe barrier against all known contaminants including the ones from inorganic nature.


However, it is left into the contractor or developer to decide whether a site investigation is preferred, with a pipe selection made influenced by the findings of the article

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