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Why correctional officers need to train to use and carry an IFAK8/12/2022
Why correctional officers need to train to use and carry an IFAK The modern Individual First Aid Kit or IFAK was developed as a result of research performed into the causes of preventable deaths in combat during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in 2003-2004 and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) in 2006.[1] The findings were sobering. The number of preventable deaths in combat accounted for 7.8 percent of total combat deaths.[2] This significant number had remained essentially unchanged since the Vietnam War.To get more news about IFAK kits, you can visit official website. Military officials felt that these were unacceptable losses and developed a new system of medical training for non-medical military personnel, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).[1, 2] Along with TCCC training, every soldier would also be provided an IFAK. This kit would be worn by every soldier in combat operations for immediate self-aid or buddy aid. The first IFAK’s were simple in design. The equipment was selected for its ease of use by non-medical personnel and to address the two major causes of preventable deaths in combat: uncontrolled hemorrhage and airway obstruction. This rapid response by the military paid off, and, by 2011, the percentage of preventable deaths in combat in was significantly reduced to 2.6 percent.[3] The IFAK, combined with TCCC training, has saved thousands of lives. Recent events, such as the Boston Marathon bombing, the Fort Hood shooting, and several other mass casualty shootings have made it clear that law enforcement officers, like the military, must be prepared to provide immediate life-saving first aid. This need is especially important as civilian paramedics are traditionally staged away from the scene until it is safe or mostly safe to enter. This time delay can prove deadly when rapid bleeding or airway obstruction is present. In the Fort Hood shooting incident, the officer who stopped the assailant was shot through both thighs. She did not have an IFAK. Off duty physicians on the scene applied improvised tourniquets, but they were not effective. Her life was saved when a military medic applied a C-A-T tourniquet similar to the ones found in military IFAKs.[3] During the Boston Marathon bombings response, 27 tourniquets were applied in the prehospital setting.[1] They were all improvised tourniquets and many of them required replacement with a C-A-T tourniquet to prevent ongoing extremity exsanguination. In 2015, department issued IFAKs were successfully used by law enforcement officers at a mass shooting incident at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana.[4] These cases demonstrate the need for IFAKs for law enforcement and how IFAKs can save lives in the civilian setting. In June 2015, the United States InterAgency Board (IAB) released a white paper on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) and IFAKs for law enforcement. This paper, referencing the concepts of TCCC and the military IFAK, established recommendations for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) training and IFAKs for law enforcement officers. The IAB recommendations, along with a description of each item, are listed below.[5] The tourniquet is essential to control external hemorrhage to extremities. The reintroduction of the tourniquet to emergency care has demonstrated a significant improvement in the number of lives saved without the feared loss of limb amputation from prolonged restriction of blood flow.[6] After-action analysis of the Fort Hood shootings and the Boston Marathon shootings have demonstrated that improvised tourniquets are often inadequate in controlling severe extremity hemorrhage. Hemostatic Gauze (1) Hemostatic gauze is a gauze roll coated with a hemostatic agent that helps to stop bleeding faster and more effectively than gauze alone. It can be used in conjunction with tourniquets or by itself. This is especially useful for wounds to the head, neck or torso where tourniquets cannot be applied. Mechanical Pressure Bandage (1) Also known as an Israeli Bandage, a pressure bandage is designed to stop hemorrhage by the application of direct venous pressure at the site of injury. It is usually 4-6 inches in length and has an attached cravat made of elastic ace bandage style material. Many brands also have a device attached to the bandage that allows it to be self-applied using only one hand. Compressed Gauze (1) Compressed gauze is traditional rolled gauze that is 4.5 inches by 4.1 yards long that has been vacuum-sealed into a smaller compressed package. This makes the gauze easier to pack than regular rolled gauze. Compressed rolled gauze can be used in a variety of ways to control hemorrhage or bandage wounds.
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Why are there no bad reviews for bulletproof vests on Taobao?8/12/2022
Why are there no bad reviews for bulletproof vests on Taobao? At the application level, no matter how the merchants boast, you can hardly find its landing scene.To get more news about bulletproof level 4, you can visit official website. You can't always say that the purpose of buying body armor is to prevent being shot by gangsters with AK in the rice roll shop. This statement is to question the public security organs at all levels and the good social order that the public security police have worked hard to maintain over the years, and their hearts can be punished.In fact, it can be seen from Taobao's buyer show that, in some cases, buying body armor may simply be because of domestic violence. Every family has its cupboard. Some people live their lives outside, driving Prado to the construction site all day long, and dispersing the leaders at the dinner party. But once he got home, if he didn't deal with it in three words, or if he didn't wash the dishes, he would be stabbed in the waist by his partner with scissors. For the growth of the child, after bandaging, I can only choose to swallow it up.Just like a pediatrician, facing some parents, it is not good to prescribe too much medicine, and it is not good to prescribe too little medicine. Prescribing traditional Chinese medicine should be questioned, and prescribing western medicine should also be questioned. If you lose two bottles of cephalosporin to your child and it doesn't work, the next day, a lame uncle might stab you with a pitchfork. He called you Doctor Wang, and as soon as you turned your head, three big holes appeared in your stomach. Blood was pouring out, and the head nurse started screaming. Therefore, it is well-founded and convincing for doctors to buy body armor.For example, some people buy bulletproof vests for the sake of their brothers - in fact, this is a backward way of socializing, and it belongs to the target of anti-crime. You were stabbed for your buddy, you were hospitalized, and your buddy took your social security for cigarettes. You enter the number, and the buddy will fall in love with your cousin outside. Totally unworthy.Others buy body armor to protect themselves during fights. In fact, this is not good, this is only equipment theory. There used to be people like this in our school. For the sake of prestige, I went to the hardware store to find someone to weld a knife for two hundred dollars, and the boss went to the school because the credit was not paid. When the dean found out, he grabbed the man's hair and beat him all afternoon. Guan Dao was also confiscated by the physical education teacher.But among all the buyer shows, the most moving ones are the consumers who say they have personally tried the bulletproof effect. Among them, some people also specifically warned that the body armor plus steel plate can prevent 7.62 mm steel core bullets. We dare not rashly speculate on where and what conflicts and sorrows these buyers have experienced. Maybe he was involved in a land dispute in the county. He was attacked with an air gun by the underworld forces next to the plastic runway of the Palace of Culture in the evening. Because he wore a body armor, he saved his life. After the crackdown, when the county TV station interviewed him, he said, thank the leaders and Taobao for calling the shots for me.
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