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Egg Powder Making Machine13/1/2021

Egg powder making machine also named high-speed centrifugal spray drying, which is widely used in liquid forming process and drying industry. The egg powder machine adopt spray drying technology to spray the liquid material into a fog, make it dry by contacting with hot air. It is mainly used for drying some heat-sensitive liquids, suspensions, and viscous liquids, such as liquid eggs, tannins, milk and drugs. Also used for drying fuel, intermediates, soap powder and inorganic salts.To get more news about Quail egg machinery, you can visit dinneregg official website.
Therefore, the spray drying is one of the most desired technologies when the particle size and distribution of the final products, their residual water contents, and the stocking density and the particle shape can meet the precision standards.
When egg powder making machine works, the air enters the air distributor on the top of the drier after filtering and heating. The hot air in spiral form equably enters into the drying room. When liquid raw material pass through the high-speed centrifugal sprayer, it will be rotated and sprayed into the extremely fine mist liquid beads. Raw material can be dried to the final products instantly when it contact to the heated air. The finished powder is discharged continuously from bottom of the drying tower and cyclones segregator.

1. The production process is simplified and the operation control is convenient. For a liquid with a moisture content of 40-60% (special materials can reach 90%), it is convenient to control and manage the product at a time.
2. Fast drying speed, when liquid raw material is atomized, the surface of the material will be enlarged greatly. 95% - 98% of water can be evaporated instantly in the hot airflow and the drying is only a few seconds. This dryer is especially suitable to dry the heat sensitive material.
3. Simple and stable operation, convenient control and debugging, easy to achieve automatic operation.
4. The uniformity and flow capability & solubility of the dryer are very good. The finished products have high quality and high-purity.

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