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Allegro PCB Miniaturization Option13/1/2021

High Dense Interconnect (HDI): The continuing miniaturization also requires a denser setting of vias. HDI boards enables a very dense placing of footprints which may even overlap if necessary. The curcuit board manufacturer determines the boundaries. In the Allegro PCB Miniaturization Option also the space-saving stacking of vias is supported. Considering the stage of production of the layer structure it is possible to propose space-saving combinations of blind and buried vias to switch from one layer to the other. HDI rules are increasingly used in impedance controlled designs with fast working times. To get more news about Cavity PCB, you can visit pcbmake official website.
Embedded or also buried components have severel advantages. Though the curcuit boards are created in divers single steps, components placed on it and that followed the inside fitted layer groups are injected for the final pcb. Usual pcb layout software is not able to place components in the inner layers and test all necessary design rules for embedded components. In the Allegro Miniaturization Option all important design rules for this technologie are integrated. So components can not only be fitted on the previous outer solder sides. The placement is effected on the inner layers which were released for this component assembly prior to this. It is also defined if the inner layer is fitted from above or below, according to the manufacturing steps. The distances to the copper elements of adjoining layers are tested and in case of undercut a design fault is indicated. Also automatically generated during the placement of a component are safety zones and prohibited zones as well as cavity, around its dimensions.

Which components are suited for today's manufacturing process to be integrated in circuit boards? For passive components large ranges of values can be used (Resistors of 10 ohms up to 10 Mohm and condensators with capacities of up to 100 AF). In the passive configurations are possible 0402 and 0201 with a component height of 100 microns to 300 μ. For acitve components such as diodes and ICs, ultrathin chips without housing (bare-die) are processed with a height of 100µm til 150µm and up to a number of 50 connections.

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