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Best Gold Farming Class in TBC Classic25/8/2021
Best Gold Farming Class in TBC Classic The World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade is around the corner, and there is only about 6 days left since the release of TBC Classic. WOW Classic TBC has many changes compared to the World of Warcraft Classic, one of these expects is that this expansion will change the class balance about gold farming. So, we write this short article to list the best class for TBC Classic Gold farming to help you earn more money in this expansion!To get more news about buy eu wow tbc gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website. I can clearly tell that the Mage Class is no longer the most perfect class for Gold Farming in World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade, for that there is an AOE cap limit with 10 (which means you can also pull too many mobs and deal less damage to them). In this situation, the Mages cannot pull entire mobs to dungeons and kill them while kiting in WOW Classic TBC. In a word, if you are playing Mage Class, and when you use AOE skill to kill more than 10 mobs, only 10 mobs could get damaged! To make gold in dungeon, the Paladins is the best class for you! Compared to Mage Class, there is no mob cap for Paladins. In this situation, you can kill entire mobs in dungeon and all the mobs will get damaged. Moreso, TBC Prot Paladin is the strongest Heroic Dungeon Tank and Off-tank in the game. They are specialize in getting aggro with Consecration, gaining an AOE taunt, Avenging Shield, and mana return from heals. What’s more, if you want to farm gold with a paladin, it is better to get “Petrified Lichen Guard” shield with you! The equipping bonus of this shield is so good and it procs on every single block. According to these reasons, Paladins is the one of the best classes to earn gold in WoW Classic TBC! Druids are one of the better solo classes in the game, making solo farming a decent way to making gold. There are many enemies and dungeons that can be very profitable to farm. Balance Druid is gonna be really the best at competing for mob tags in densely farmed areas like Elemental Plateau. In World of Warcraft TBC Classic, Druids has the ability of permanent invisibility, specifically Prowl Icon Prowl and Stealth Icon Stealth. You can use permanent invisibility ability to avoid most of the dungeon, and get some elite packs through these dungeons. And then you can disenchant the drops or sell these elite packs on the Auction House to exchange for WOW TBC Classic Gold! Of course, there are many ways to earn gold, including professions, auction house, dungeons, raids and more! All these methods can be a long and tiring process, the fastest and easiest way to obtain gold is by purchasing Cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold With our special offers, you can use our lowest price gold to get your desired flying mounts, weapons, armor and more! Purchase now and enjoy fast and instant delivery!
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