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Davinci DC100, a futuristic self-balancing electric motorcycle25/8/2021
Davinci DC100, a futuristic self-balancing electric motorcycle A new, high-performance fully electric motorcycle recently appeared from the Chinese company Da Vinci Dynamics, and the bike features some tricks, including the ability to self-balance when sensing a fall and following movement.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website. The DC100 electric motorcycle has many amazing features, with 135 horsepower making it among the "electric fast" vehicles, and it can also use an "intelligent control system that seamlessly integrates several different motors". The maximum torque is 850 Nm, and the new bike accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 to 4 seconds, which means that drivers have to hold on tight when going fast. The battery is a device with a capacity of 17.7 kWh, and it can be charged in 30 minutes with a third level charge. The new motorcycle comes with a colorful dashboard, and is equipped with many new electronic indicators, and it also has the advantage of slip control or what is known as “ABS”, but there is a new “strange” feature, which is the ability of the bike to rush forward Independently when you let the brakes go, like the cruise control feature, which makes it sort of like a self-driving car. The DC100 can also assist the rider when going slow in difficult situations such as going up and down hills, as it can detect the right angle from the ground, allowing for help starting or braking the acceleration when going up or down hills automatically appropriate for the incline ranges. , which can help in automatic rebalancing of the vehicle. Da Vinci's official website says that using EPS and 6-axis IMU technology, the DC100 will be able to self-balance, which could mean electronic steering capability. The motorcycle will have an app-enabled remote control, which means you can get ready for a ride and then signal your bike when it's ready to come pick you up. Most interestingly, the DC100 will feature open source software and applications, meaning that users and creative software developers may "develop and share new features" for the bike.
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