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Overwatch Fan Shows Off Custom Van Helsing McCree Statue26/8/2021
Overwatch Fan Shows Off Custom Van Helsing McCree Statue With Overwatch having been out for over five years now, every hero has some awesome alternate outfits. McCree is proof of this, as the outlaw-turned-hero boasts a lot of neat skins for Overwatch players to acquire.To get more news about custom couple figurine, you can visit official website. A Redditor named sraoill seems to be particularly fond of McCree’s Van Helsing outfit, however. An homage to the most legendary monster slayer in literature, the skin sees McCree with everything he would need to fight vampires, werewolves, and other monstrosities. Released during the 2017 version of Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event, the costume has remained a fan favorite due to its intimidating design. However, sraoill seems to love it a bit more than others, as the player 3D printed their own statue of the skin. The Overwatch fan showcased their statue on Reddit, showing pictures of both the mockup and the actual model. While it has not yet been painted, the sculpture looks terrific, as it maintains all the detail from the original skin. While prominent features like McCree’s hat look great on top of his head, smaller features like the ammo on his chest are also easy to notice. His spiked gauntlets can be seen clearly, while his metal greaves look like they would do a great job of protecting him from attacks. The model also sees McCree’s holster empty, as he is holding the special version of his Peacekeeper pistol instead. The pointed accents and blade under the barrel can easily be seen, and if the right color of paint is used, the 3D model of the gun should turn out to be just as stunning as the mockup. With McCree’s finger placed perfectly on the trigger, the larger revolver fits perfectly in his hand. The Redditor provides a side view to show off this pistol, with a back shot of Van Helsing McCree also shared on the Overwatch subreddit. The special McCree cosmetic looks just as great from behind, as his torn jacket translated perfectly to the real-life item. His tied-back hair also looks great, and while the crossbow is not on his person, it can be seen sitting on the ground near his feet. With the McCree statue also boasting a special base that sees the character standing on a stone floor, it should look amazing on sraoill’s shelf. While they did admit that they are afraid to paint it in the comments, as they do not want to mess up the model, it would be nice to see this custom creation fully realized.
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