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The difference between polyester printing mesh26/8/2021
The difference between polyester printing mesh Polyester bai printing mesh specifications of polyester printing mesh du: 60 mesh to 420 mesh width: 1.15 meters to 3.6 meters width and length: 50 meters Color: white and yellow Polyester dao printing mesh features polyester printing mesh with high precision The high-quality monofilament polyester mesh has the characteristics of high precision, stable tension, and excellent dimensional stability, so that there will be no deviation during printing, and it ensures ultra-high strength and low elongation, which can greatly extend the mesh The service life of the plate is also characterized by heat resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance. Application of polyester printing screen: polyester printing screen is widely used for printing electronic PCB circuit boards; printing plate making, printing textiles, glass, ceramics, printing advertisements, banners, magazines, printed electronic display screens, used to make glass shielding screens, filter ink, Used for melt filtration in aviation, aerospace, petrochemical and other high-tech fields.To get more news about Stainless Steel Crimped Wire Mesh Tray, you can visit official website. Stainless steel wire mesh is generally marked with the words "Number 80" or "80X80", "Number 165" or "165X165". Stainless steel wire mesh types typically range from 80 lines / inch (31 lines / cm) to 635 lines / inch (250 lines / cm). However, rougher stainless steel screens are also available on the market. The lower the number of lines, the larger the mesh; conversely, the higher the number of lines, the smaller the mesh. In wire mesh, the diameter of a wire is in inches or millimeters. The choice of silkscreen depends on the reproduction of the work, the type of ink and the condition of the printing surface. You can buy wire cloth of any size above 1 square foot (0.09 square meters), and it can be from 36 inches (91 cm) to about 79 inches (200.7 cm) in width and unlimited in length. Stainless steel screen printing has a wide range of applications, not only for general paper printing but also for a wide range of adaptability. For example ceramics, glass, printed circuit boards, etc. Depending on the texture of the printed matter, it is not the same when printing. Although each series has an inseparable internal connection, due to the different physical properties of the printed matter (that is, different chemical and physical properties), each has its own particularity. For investors, screen printing is definitely an excellent project. At the same time, due to the huge market demand, it is undoubtedly a huge opportunity.
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