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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Development26/8/2021
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Development In the scope of application, the size of the silk screen is 4 to 62 holes/cm, which is mostly used for screening in the grain industry, and can also be used for screening different thickness sands by the sand wheel abrasive cloth factory. The screening is not precise enough, the application industry is single, and it is not used in the acid and high temperature resistant industries. Therefore, the characteristics of silk screen products are destined to produce little and no sales.To get more news about stainless steel filter wire mesh, you can visit official website. Synthetic fiber meshes are available in nylon or polyester filaments and brown. The filaments are 15 to 30 denier monofilaments, and the surface of the mesh openings is smooth, which is favorable for filtration. The fabric structure can be full skein, square and flat, etc., and the specifications are 19 to 104 holes/cm. It is widely used as a printing enamel net, integrated circuit printed circuit board, and can also be used to screen fine particles such as magnetic particles of the picture tube phosphor and magnetic tape. The brown silk screen is made of coarse nylon silk yarn with a diameter of 0.55-0.1 mm. The fabric is mostly plain weave structure, used for beneficiation, filter pulp, conveyor belt and the like. The synthetic fiber screen has the characteristics of no rust, corrosion resistance, etc., and can replace part of the metal mesh. The metal mesh screen is woven with brass wire, phosphor bronze wire and stainless steel wire. It is applied as a wide-area screen and its products are used in various fields. such as mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, and machinery manufacturing. Stainless steel wire mesh resistance to oxidation, wear and other characteristics can also be used as a protective decoration industry. The wire thickness is 0.4 to 0.025 mm. Most of them use plain weave or twill weave. The metal mesh has clear and correct holes, and the mesh surface is flat and has high temperature resistance and wear resistance. Stainless steel screens as the leader of metal screens have the following characteristics:
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