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Is the Havells Nutri Art Slow Juicer worth its price?21/3/2022
Is the Havells Nutri Art Slow Juicer worth its price? The experience of any product begins with the packaging, which, in the case of the Havells Nutri Art Slow Juicer, looks and feels like you have paid ₹26,995 for it. The second step to product engagement is when you read the manual — a painful process that takes you back to school physics text books and toys that had way too many instructions.To get more news about juicing dragon fruit, you can visit official website. Here, unfortunately, is where Havells falters, with its five-page ‘pamphlet’ that just about tells you how to fit one piece of the juicer into the other and warns not to use it for sugarcane. I was left to wonder whether I could use it to make nut and soya mylks, as plant-based milk has come to be spelt. The Havells video ironically, does mention nuts, but because I had a doubt, I reached out to the product team to ask, and they said it wasn’t meant for them. You can do coconut though. I do wish they had a recipe booklet with about 10 juice combos to get people started — they do have some online videos though. As a juicer, the Havells machine looks good in the kitchen, is sturdy, heavy, and feels like it is built to last — the company claims its copper motor enhances durability and extends its life, which is probably why it has a two-year warranty. The solid ceramic auger and the tough plastic body of the feeding tube don’t yield to any fruit or veg — whether apple or cucumber, squeezing through them with quiet, slow ease. That is one promise Havells delivers on — the machine is genuinely low noise, so your sleeping family won’t be roused to green juice. It is only when you put in leaves that it makes a slightly squeaky sound, but it is still not the kind that emanates from several other juicers. I tried juicing almost everything, and the only ones that were problematic were amla and Swiss chard — though if you put in one or two pieces of amla this doesn’t happen; I did almost a kilo of just amla . Both have a great deal of fibre that made it difficult to open the machine and clean it without soaking it in water. I did get the juice of both though — again, some other juicers may just stop or the pith may get trapped inside the strainer, causing a jam, but this didn’t happen with the Havells. However, the machine is not great with mushy fruits like banana and strawberry, where you lose a lot of the pith. What is excellent though, is that the feeding tube is large, so you can practically cut an apple into four and put it in and just chuck a whole carrot in, cutting down on time spent in the process. There is also the low, medium, high pulp option. It is easy to clean, but needs some kitchen space, especially since it is a horizontal structure. If you are elderly, do test whether you can hold and push in the parts though, because they are heavy. Would I buy the Havells Nutri Art Slow Juicer? It all boils down to the price. I would have, had it been less than ₹20k. At almost ₹27k, it seems like a lot to spend on something that doesn’t give me a complete healthy-drinks package. I’d expect it to make a smoothie, juice, and give me some mylk too. Perhaps, Havells should study the lifestyle of a customer who will invest in a juicer — in all probability it will be someone who buys into an overall healthy lifestyle, and needs one product to fulfil that aspiration.
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