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Elastic Pin Coupling MAEPEX 3-Part Version Cast Iron Size 200 Max25/3/2022
Elastic Pin Coupling MAEPEX 3-Part Version Cast Iron Size 200 Max Material: Coupling hubs: Grey Cast Iron GG25 (GJL-250). Elastomeres: NBR, hardness 80ºA Shore, black. Torsionally flexible cam coupling, fail-safe, with damping effect. With bolt-on jaw ring. The removable jaw ring allows to replace the elastomers without moving the hubs on the shafts. The MÄDLER® version is improved: Machined claws result in longer lifetime. Couplings are non-bored or pre-bored, depending on the size. * The sizes 250 and 280 have different pilot bores on each side. Customized bores and feather-key grooves available at extra charge. Temperature range: -30ºC to +80ºC.Get more news about Elastic Pin Coupling Wholesaler,you can vist our website! ZLZ type elastic pin tooth typeCouplingIt uses several pins made of non-metallic materials and is placed in the mating hole between the two halves of the coupling and the inner surface of the outer ring. The two halves of the coupling are connected through the pin to transmit torque. The ZLZ type elastic The pin gear coupling has the following characteristics:   (1) ZLZ-type elastic pin gear couplings transmit large torque. At the same torque, the rotation diameter is mostly smaller than that of gear couplings, with small volume and light weight, which can partially replace gear couplings.   (2) Compared with gear couplings, it has a simple structure, fewer components, and is more convenient to manufacture. It does not require gear processing machines.   (3) The ZLZ elastic pin gear coupling is convenient for maintenance and has a long service life. The nylon pin can be replaced by removing the baffle.   (4) The nylon pin of the ZLZ elastic pin gear coupling is a self-lubricating material and does not need lubrication, which not only saves lubricating oil, but also purifies the working environment.   (5) ZLZ type elastic pin gear coupling has poor vibration reduction performance and high noise.   ZLZ type elastic pin gear coupling has the performance of compensating the relative deviation of the two shafts to a certain extent. It is suitable for medium and high power transmission, and is not suitable for working parts that have certain requirements for vibration reduction and strict control of noise.
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