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White Board Corrugated Box28/3/2022
White Board Corrugated Box Available with us are White Board Corrugated Box that are adequately designed and reflect the true workmanship of our adroit craftsmen. Widely used for shipping delicate products, these white corrugated boxes are offered in market leading prices.Get more news about Packaging Boxes 1 Layer,you can vist our website! We are very well known for our ecofriendly Globe Guard® boxes that are 100% recycled content, so not surprisingly well over 90% of our work is in natural Kraft (brown) board. Yet there are some distinct advantages of utilizing white board, primarily if you plan to custom print your boxes. Let’s be up front with the negatives and get them out of the way. There are really only three major disadvantages of white boxes: They are anywhere from 5 to 10% more expensive depending on the type of white board you select and if you require the white inside and out, or just on the outside. White boxes tend to look great when they ship and not so hot when they arrive at the customer’s home or facility. White tends to show off every smudge, finger print and conveyor belt mark it encountered along the way. White boxes are typically considered not very green by a green-minded consumer because they assume the box has been bleached and/or is using virgin board. (BTW, only the latter is true). Two side, one color print on white inside and outCorrugated White Board Options In addition to the whole white out or white inside and out question, even though they may be known by different names, depending on the mill making them, there are basically only three different “types” of white board available: Oyster white, aka white top, aka KLA white, aka mottle white – regardless of what it is called, it is white that is only applied to surface of the outside liner. This is fairly obvious to the experienced eye or you can easily peel off the white with a piece of tape. Bleached white – unlike its superficial cousin above, the outside liner is completely and totally white throughout. Once again, this is fairly obvious when you look at a cross section of the board, exposing the inner, outer and medium. Kemi White – this is the “deluxe” white that offers an unusual slightly glossy, finished surface, making it ideal for retail applications such as POP displays. There are numerous factors that impact price, but the usual cost difference between each of these three grades of white board is only approximately 10% – 15%. The real difference may be one of availability where the better the board grade, typically the higher the minimum.
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