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Your guide to smart door locks21/7/2022
Your guide to smart door locks While there’s nothing wrong with a standard metal lock and key, a smart door lock can take your home’s security to the next level, opening up a new world of possibilities.To get more news about fingerprint front door lock, you can visit official website.
What is a smart door lock? A smart lock is a form of keyless door lock, and is a popular feature in many smart homes and home security systems. As a battery powered electronic device, a smart door lock can be locked or unlocked by installing an app on your computer and/or phone. Some locks are designed to work when you are standing right near them (within range of a few meters), whereas others can be controlled and monitored remotely through their app. Some even let you run your lock on an daily schedule for when you’d like it locked or unlocked.
As with most ‘smart’ devices, the aim of a smart door lock is to ultimately add value and convenience to your life by letting you ‘connect’ with it in a digital way. Some door locks can also connect with other smart devices in your home.
For example, a smart door lock could talk to a smart heating system, notifying it to turn off the heater as you leave the home. With some smart home systems, you can even group commands together on a schedule, so that your door and heater automatically come on as you return home at a consistent and specific time.
Why am I suddenly hearing about smart door locks? Fun fact! The origins of smart door locks can be traced back to the hotel industry. Back in the 90’s, electronic key-cards began to replace keys in hotels across the globe for safety and efficiency. Their origins were on a commercial level, as electronic key-cards were employed to move the entry/exit gates in parking compounds.
However, the recent surge in popularity for smart door locks is intrinsically linked to the rise of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is basically the idea of internet-connected machines talking to one another, and then the user talking to them in turn. As this technology has developed and been implemented in smart homes, more and more appliances have been able to be electronically connected. In fact, these days most homes have a certain amount of ‘smartness’ because many appliances contain built-in sensors or electronic controllers.
So basically, smart locks are not actually super new, but they are much smarter than their predecessors! Are smart locks actually better? The ability to control the safety of your home remotely is definitely a great security feature. You can have control over your smart lock from anywhere you can connect to the web! Smart locks that are available in Australia utilise wireless technologies, like Wifi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and ZigBee, to operate and run on batteries so that they are not affected by power outages.
Most smart locks allow you to lock and unlock your door via your smartphone remotely, which is perfect for when you run out the door and forget. Some smart locks even let you share limited-access digital "keys". These are great for family members, guests, dog walkers and cleaners.
This feature also means you can send temporary keys to people in the form of a number of pin, giving them access to your home when you’re away. You can delete the pin when they don’t need it anymore – no more copying keys!
This is perhaps the biggest benefit of electronic entry systems. They are easily customisable, and can be configured or reconfigured almost instantly, at at the touch of a button. In some cases, the property owner can even generate a record of when the door was locked or unlocked.
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