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Best Apps for Finding Where Shows and Movies Are Streaming20/8/2022
Best Apps for Finding Where Shows and Movies Are Streaming It’s truly a modern problem: You want to watch a particular TV show or film that’s probably streaming somewhere, but you can’t remember whether it’s on a subscription streaming service, such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, or Netflix; on a free one, such as Pluto TV or Tubi; or available only as a pay-per-view option, on Apple iTunes or Vudu, for example. Or maybe your movie isn’t available at all. Sifting through each service separately can be tedious.To get more news about 39bet-casino trực tuyến-lô đề miền nam-lô đề miền bắc-lô đề miền trung-đánh bài thua, you can visit official website. There are easier ways to find out what’s streaming. Most streaming media players, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku, will look through multiple services to find specific titles. Many smart TVs will now do the same. But the search functions aren’t always easy to use, and they can be limited in what they find. More often, I’ve been relying on some free websites and mobile apps that do a much better job of hunting. A few years ago, there were maybe a dozen apps or websites from which to choose, but since then the options have narrowed. Right now, I’m really using only two: JustWatch and Reelgood, though I have also tried out three more, TV Time, Watchworthy, and a brand new app called Qewd. I haven’t yet spent all that much time with Qewd, which is still being beta-tested, but it does have some interesting social features. All five of these free tools search across multiple streaming services as well as some “TV Everywhere” apps that let you stream content that you’re already paying for through a cable or satellite TV subscription.A while back, JustWatch (shown at top) upped its game by acquiring rival GoWatchIt, and its coverage has greatly expanded during the past two years. It has a large list of supported subscription services, including newer ones such as Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+, and Peacock. It also works with several free ad-supported ones. The service is easy to use: You enter the movie or show you want to watch and JustWatch will tell you where you can stream it. If it’s available to rent or buy, it will show you where to find the lowest price. JustWatch will also make movie and TV show recommendations based on what other people with similar tastes are watching. The site’s home page shows you what’s new and popular. You can add TV shows and movies to your watchlist by using a bookmark icon, and you can limit searches to services you already use by choosing them from a row of icons. JustWatch organizes titles in dozens of ways, including by genre, what’s highly rated or trending, and what’s new to a service. It can even offer selections based on what mood you’re in. Now that many movie theaters are open again, JustWatch also shows you the top five movies currently playing, and provides alerts when they become available for streaming on one of your services. JustWatch now has a Play on TV feature, which lets you choose and play content for your television right from the smartphone app. You need to have JustWatch apps on both your smartphone and the TV for that to work, and they both need to be signed on to the same WiFi network. You choose the program or movie on the smartphone app, tap Play on TV, and the JustWatch TV app launches the selected streaming service. The TV app is available for Android and Google TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, LG and Samsung smart TVs, and Xbox consoles. It also works with Roku devices using the smartphone app by itself; you don’t need the JustWatch app on the Roku. You can access JustWatch using a web browser on your computer and through Android and iOS phone apps. One app exclusive is that it can give you daily deal updates on rentals and purchases.
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