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Limited Edition iFak kit27/8/2022
Limited Edition iFak kit Limited run! The Ignitor pack has been discontinued, so get in quick!To get more news about IFAK, you can visit official website.
With the success of our Front-Line Guardian Tactical IFAK kit (SEE HERE) we've had a good amount of feedback from front-line medics and we've slightly adapted the kit.
The tourniquet and the sheers have been moved inside the kit and we've removed the Crepe bandage and thermal blanket.If you would like to add these back in, let us know. We sell the items separately.
The system has been created to deal with trauma as quickly and effectively as possible. The kit has been constructed out of best-in-class products and are housed in a durable streamlined, low-profile design that has been crafted to attach to a MOLLE vest or Duty belt.
Everyday carry is all about tradeoffs, but an IFAK like the Warrior Poet Society EDC Ankle Medical Kit offers more cargo space and fewer equipment compromises than its competitors. While it may not include everything necessary to meet MARCH treatment standards, it has more than enough extra room to allow users to achieve that milestone.
The WPS ankle kit has earned a reputation for being the most EDC-friendly ankle IFAK on the market. Users frequently comment on how comfortable it is for all-day wear. It features a breathable, antimicrobial (i.e., anti-stink) inside mesh lining, and to minimize hotspots, it uses a cuff design with pockets sewn onto (rather than into) it which pushes bulk (and discomfort) away from your leg.
Like any good IFAK, the gear that comes with this ankle med kit is high-quality. It boasts a CAT tourniquet and various components from North American Rescue. As a bonus, the cuff’s ends each sport small, hidden pockets underneath the Velcro panels, which are themselves secured with the sticky stuff and are large enough to store handcuff keys, lock pick sets, small flash drives, and other miscellaneous items.
The WPS ankle kit does disappoint in two main areas. Despite its ability to accommodate the extra equipment, this kit lacks critical components capable of making it a TCCC-level IFAK. On the flip side, a fully-loaded WPS ankle IFAK is bulkier than any of its competitors. While no one is likely to see it print, the kit’s girth may be a source of consternation for some.
Before buying an IFAK, get trained on how to use it. If you have no idea what a nasopharyngeal airway is or how to use a tourniquet properly (Hollywood knows nothing about saving lives), then an IFAK likely will be a complete waste of your money while simultaneously endangering your life and freedom. Good Samaritan laws protect trained individuals against lawsuits, but anyone providing medical care that is outside their level of training can, and most likely will, be sued and imprisoned. Of course, you can’t sue yourself (last I checked), but you certainly can unintentionally end your own life. Get proper training. Also, remember that you are much more likely to have to save someone’s life with an IFAK than with your peashooter.
Types of IFAKs First things first, let’s define some terms. The original IFAK (individual first aid kit) was created for battlefield grunts, so a true IFAK is designed specifically for combat applications. As such, these med kits (sometimes called “trauma kits”) will possess a very specific list of contents and nothing else. That said, other “IFAKs” also exist on the civilian market.
Civilian IFAKs usually provide enough medical equipment for at least one individual, and in some cases, it may be tailored to specific activities, such as hunting or camping. Of course, this creates a marketing free-for-all and a nightmare for undiscerning buyers. Sometimes, civilian IFAKs meet (or exceed) the same standards as military medical kits, but other times, a so-called “IFAK” is merely a boo-boo kit in a MOLLE pouch. As with any life-saving equipment, always pay close attention to the details.
Key features of an IFAK By its very nature, an IFAK is compact, lightweight, and ready to roll at a moment’s notice. As such, these medical kits should be easy to carry, easy to access, and tough enough to resist the elements and rough handling. Specific contents also determine whether a first aid kit lives up to the IFAK name or not.
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