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What is CNC Knife Cutting Machine?27/8/2022
What is CNC Knife Cutting Machine? 1.1 Definition The combination of oscillating knife, tangential knife, drag knife and router bits make CNC knife cutting machine. This robust cutting tool is designed with greater versatility and used for high-precision cutting of heavier flexible and semi-rigid materials.Get more news about Knife Cutting Machine,you can vist our website! This high precision CNC machine is equipped with a variety of knife tools and blades. The blade of this cutting tool moves on the surface of the material as per the configured tool path. You can either move only the knife or both the knife and the material for cutting the material. From garment to knitting, packaging, graphics, leather, and textile industry, large manufacturing firms are using CNC knife cutting machines to process all types of material involved with the tasks like cutting, routing, creasing, scoring, plotting, punching, etc. Also known as vinyl cutter or sign cutting machine, the distinguishing characteristics of the machine is that it can cut the material by pressing the tool into the material. Unlike other tools such as spinning tools, laser heat, or water jets, CNC knife cutting machine transfers no heat while cutting the material. As a result, the knives and blades of the machine remain clean, simple and save in different environments. 1.2 Different Kind of Knife Tools and their Functioning? CNC knife cutting machine also known as digital cutting machine helps in processing a wide range of materials that have more than one cutting head. With multiple cutting heads, you can ensure that the machine is configured to meet your unique business needs. When combined with different cutting technologies, the machine provides versatility by offering a routing spindle and two knives that can either be tangential, oscillating drag, vinyl or a combination of them. 1.2.1 Drag Knife: This type of knife is used for cutting different materials at the speed and precision of a CNC router. Drag knife cuts a wide range of materials up to a depth of 1/4 inch. The tip of the blade is slightly offset from the center of the collet so that the knife can rotate as per the moving direction the CNC machine. From a box cutter blade in a holder to hardened alloy made the blade, this knife is custom-made. Drag knives can be easily fitted as well as replaced but the only trouble that you might face is with abrasive materials. More the material is thicker; the blade may produce increased friction pushing the material out of its place. 1.2.2 Tangential Knife: Apart from the drag knife tool, this type of knife is controlled by a motor. The tangential knife is more robust in nature and process thicker, heavier, and hard materials very smoothly. It is used for processing both thick and tough materials. Multiple blade options of this knife help in cutting a wide range of harder and heavier materials. It allows the machine to accurately cut square corners and maintain part accuracy. The tangential knife system has a range of optional and interchangeable blade holders which allows it to cut rubber, composites, duct liner and a mixture of soft and semi-rigid materials. 1.2.3 Oscillating Knife: This type of knife options is considered as one of the most important for businesses that help in processing flexible materials like packaging foam, foam core, gator foam, corrugated plastic, and cardboard. The oscillating knife slices the material with ease giving clean and fine cut edges with almost 0 percent chance of abrasion. Oscillating knife system ensures to deliver accurate and even cuts on thicker materials without making excessive cuts. The oscillating knife is versatile in nature and has the ability to cut a wide range of materials maintaining small detail and curves. 1.2.4 Creasing Wheel: Often known as Rotary Blade, it is used for cutting hard to abrasive materials. Hardness is one such benefit of this type of tool.
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