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Elastic Sleeve Pin Couplings27/8/2022
Elastic Sleeve Pin Couplings The design of the elastic sleeve pin coupling is simple and clever in design and has wide applicability. It uses the pin with elastic sleeve to connect two semi-couplings with pin holes to realize torque transmission and larger angular compensation. At the same time, it has good shock absorption and buffering performance, which can be used in high-speed occasions without lubrication and requiring easy pin sleeve replacement.Get more news about Elastic Sleeve Pin Coupling Factory,you can vist our website! Diaphragm coupling is by several groups of diaphragm (stainless steel thin plate) using bolt crisscross with half coupling, diaphragm composed of several pieces fold sets in each group, the diaphragm can be divided into connecting rod type and different shapes of the chip. The elastic sleeve pin coupler is a pin with a flexible sleeve (rubber material) on one end, which is installed in the flange hole of the two-part coupler to realize the coupling of the two-and-a-half coupling. Column elastic sleeve pin coupling was once a coupling device of the most widely used in our country, as early as the late 1950 s, which is for the mechanical standards, JB08-60 elastic dowel pin coupling, is China's first standard coupling. Low column elastic sleeve pin coupling structure is simple, manufacture easily, no lubrication, don't need and metal sulfide, change the elastic sleeve is convenient, need not move half coupling, two axis relative offset compensation and vibration damping buffer performance. Elastic sleeve work is subject to compression deformation, due to the thickness of the elastic sleeve thin, small size, elastic deformation is limited, so, although column elastic sleeve pin coupling can compensate the axis displacement and elastic, but axis allowable displacement compensation quantity is less, less elastic. The elastic sleeve pin coupling is based on the locking force of the column pin group to produce friction torque on the contact surface, and compressible rubber elastic sleeve to transfer torque. It is suitable for small and medium power shafts with high rigidity, high accuracy, low impact load and low demand for vibration reduction. R-VQPZ Elastic pin coupling with brake wheel ■ Simple structure, easy to manufacture, no lubrication, no need to bond with metal curing ■ It can compensate the relative deviation of two shafts and decrease the buffering performance ■ It is suitable for mounting base with good rigidity, high accuracy and low impact load, Medium and small power shaft transmission with low requirement for vibration reduction ■ Easy maintenance, no need to move the half coupling
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