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5 TOP IFAK KITS27/9/2022
5 TOP IFAK KITS Even though our society develops so rapidly and things change by the second, we’ve become kind of dependent on medicine and Emergency rooms and family doctors. We have medical options all the time, everywhere.To get more news about ifak kit, you can visit official website. In the plain desert, out in the woods, up in the hills, there are no hospitals around you, nor medical units or doctors for that matter. So, what to do if an emergency situation occurs? Ok, let’s say you take some medications along in your backpack, but what if it’s not used right? After all, good medicine at the wrong time is bad medicine… An "Individual First Aid Kit" (IFAK) is given to every soldier going into combat. The content may vary, but there are some general similarities to all of them. As the IFAK comes in many options, you just only need to take a deep breath before exploring your options. And, the bigger your IFAK is, the more inexperienced you are- according to some. Apart from carrying an IFAK kit, you still need to know how to use everything inside it. You need some medical knowledge, simple skills and the wisdom to know when to use it. Your IFAK serves YOU so, unless you’re a mobile ICU, there’s no reason for you to pack the whole local drugstore. After all, the IFAK pouch is not as big as your backpack for a reason. PUTTING AN IFAK TOGETHER If you go over statistics, you’d see that more of the deaths on the battlefield (85% or more, as a matter of fact), come from uncontrolled hemorrhaging (bleeding to death, that is). So, considering this, your IFAK gear should address the important issue of hemorrhage control. Most IFAKs are stocked to a decent standard and combat death statistics change as combat medicine develops. Some go for the principle that one is almost none and you should get a minimum of six pills, no matter what. But, no matter how badly you think it might get, never sacrifice your ammo for some Band-Aids as the best medicine is… having fire superiority. You won’t be needing any burn cream, ibuprofen or decongestants- you only need something to stop the bleeding. It’s better to learn how to use the materials you’re familiar with as first line gear is linked to the first line medical skills. You should also consider where you place your IFAK, which should be somewhere easy to reach with any of your hands. NEVER FORGET THIS Your IFAK should contain blood stopper bandages, clotting solutions and backup bandages, along with sterile dressings. Some vitamins, Epsom salt might become handy as well, especially on a hiking trip with kids. Get educated and go through some practical medical books for survival. Some classes on first aid at your local Red Cross won’t hurt for sure.
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