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China leading supplier of High-silicon aluminum alloy27/9/2022
China leading supplier of High-silicon aluminum alloy Basic requirements of electronic packaging materials were reviewed, the characteristics and research situation of the high aluminum-silicon alloys were discussed, and the advantages and disadvantages of the preparation processes that include casting, infiltration, rapid solidification powder metallurgy and spray-forming were analyzed. Moreover, the development tendency of high aluminum-silicon alloy electronic packaging materials was pointed out.Get more news about Electronic Packaging Silicon Aluminum Alloy,you can vist our website! The R&D team of HEZD Advanced Alloy Materials Technology Group is composed of internationally leading experts and doctors in the field of materials science and engineering technology. Its leader Xing Dawei is a doctor of engineering in the field of materials science and engineering, and the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory made senior visits Scholars, research fields related to "high silicon aluminum alloy electronic packaging materials", "copper-based alloy electrical contact materials", "magnetic microwire preparation technology and application basis", "ferromagnetic microwire absorbing and electromagnetic shielding effectiveness", " "Design and Application of Bulk Amorphous Alloy Composition" and other new materials. High-silicon aluminum alloy and gradient high-silicon aluminum alloy materials have an adjustable thermal expansion coefficient, and are easier to process than new difficult-to-process packaging materials such as silicon carbide and aluminum, and have excellent comprehensive properties such as high thermal conductivity, good welding and electroplating performance, etc. It is an upgraded product of aluminum alloy, Kovar alloy, tungsten copper, molybdenum copper and other first-generation and second-generation electronic packaging materials. It is used in military and civilian fields such as advanced radar, high-power semiconductor integrated circuits, aerospace, satellite communications, lasers, etc. All have very good application prospects. Due to the high silicon content (generally more than 50%) of high-silicon aluminum alloy materials, their preparation and processing are very difficult and require special processes and technologies. Gradient high-silicon aluminum alloy material is a class of advanced functionally gradient materials with gradient changes in silicon content and gradient adjustments in material properties. It is also one of the most advanced electronic packaging materials. The key to its preparation is to solve different silicon content gradients. The bonding strength, stress matching, compactness, fatigue performance and other problems between the components make preparation and production more difficult. After years of technological development, HEZD has successfully overcome various technical difficulties in the preparation process of high-silicon aluminum alloy and gradient high-silicon aluminum alloy materials. At present, it has been able to stably and mass-produce high-silicon aluminum alloys and gradient high-silicon aluminum alloys. Electronic packaging materials and packaging tube and shell products have been approved and purchased by downstream customers such as China Electronics Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, and the Institute of Electronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the products have entered the batch supply stage.
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