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Young Japanese voice actress off to dream career7/10/2022
Young Japanese voice actress off to dream career At 18, Minori Suzuki has fulfilled her childhood dream. She was chosen from about 8,000 people who auditioned for the role of Freyja Wion, the heroine of "Macross Delta."To get more news about 亚洲欧美日韩日产在线, you can visit our official website. The new TV anime from the popular Macross series is set in space in the future and will be aired from April on several broadcasters, including Tokyo MX TV, which will run the program from 10:30 p.m. Sundays starting April 3. Freyja Wion is a diva who sings in a beautiful voice. She is a cheerful and powerful girl who comes from the countryside to chase her dream. "Her personality is very much like mine. I feel it's destiny," Suzuki said. "The one who plays this role must be good at singing as well as acting," said Shoji Kawamori, the anime's director, at a press conference about the work. "There aren't many people who can do both, but she (Suzuki) has the ability."Suzuki has loved to perform and sing in front of other people since she was very young. Teachers would praise her textbook recitations in Japanese class. When she played the lead role in a school musical at primary school, a friend's mother told her she had a good voice. The remarks gave her confidence. Suzuki was nurturing a vague dream of getting a job that involves acting and singing toward the end of her primary school days, when she learned about voice acting. "This is it," she thought. No sooner had she made up her mind than she started making efforts to fulfill her dream. Using the recording function of a portable game machine, she recorded her own voice speaking out lines from her favorite manga and novels over and over again. After entering a middle school, she found in a magazine the practice method of a voice actress she adored. She imitated the method and sang for an hour a day while listening to music and standing in front of a mirror large enough to reflect her from head to toe. She would then listen to the recording and check her breaths and intonations at the end of each phrase, writing down in a notebook the points she should improve, such as that her singing was unpleasant or lacked emotion. Twice she applied for auditions, but she did not even pass the paper screening stage either time. "It's not good enough practicing twice as much as other people. I have to practice 1,000 times more than them," she told herself. Yet she became increasingly concerned about her future path. She started going to Tokyo once a week to study acting in her second year of high school, using her earnings from a part-time job. Her instructor told her to act as herself, meaning she should not copy what other people are doing but act in the way only she can. The advice woke her up, and she regained confidence. The news that she had won the role reached her at home in Aichi Prefecture in a telephone call. Overwhelmed by the news, she burst into tears. Reflecting on her performance, she said she is still tense and has not been able to be herself enough. "My age is no excuse. There are people who are younger than me and doing a great job. I hope my singing and acting will make people happy," she said with the expression of a professional, her eyes looking beyond the fulfilled dream.
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