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Yunnan coffee beans regain their autonomy13/10/2022
Yunnan coffee beans regain their autonomy ◎The "pricing power" of Yunnan coffee beans is a "knot" that has been hovering in the hearts of local practitioners for many years. In order to gain greater autonomy, facing the wave of specialty coffee, a new generation of coffee farmers and coffee companies embarked on a journey. A generation has a mission for a generation. The different processing methods of coffee beans by the new generation of practitioners have significantly improved the quality, and the pricing power has gradually returned to their own hands.To get more news about yunnan arabica coffee, you can visit shine news official website.
Under the trend of specialty coffee, the number of buyers of Yunnan coffee beans has increased significantly. Not long ago, the high-profile Blue Bottle Coffee, which opened its first domestic store in Shanghai, announced that it has officially launched the first single-origin coffee beans from Pu'er, Yunnan, in mainland China. It is reported that this is the first time that Blue Bottle Coffee has purchased green coffee beans from China.
Before Blue Bottle Coffee, emerging local coffee brands including Manner Coffee and Luckin Coffee had already added "Yunnan coffee beans" to their daily menus. Sandunban, Yingji and countless independent cafes in the streets and alleys also spare no effort to promote the "Yunnan Coffee Bean" related products. Recently, even Hema has launched its own brand "Box Coffee" series. There are 3 flavors in the box of coffee, including "Tibetan Fragrant Yunnan" which is made from Yunnan coffee beans.
Looking for beans in Yunnan, directly picking coffee beans, the endless stream of bean hunters have spread their footprints all over the "South of Caiyun".Torch Coffee Lab, located in Pu'er, Yunnan, recently reached a cooperation with Blue Bottle Coffee. Torch Coffee is also a partner of local brands such as Luckin Coffee and Post Office Coffee. As early as 2015, Torch Coffee established its first laboratory in Pu'er.
Saya, Deputy General Manager of Torch Point, has experienced the whole process of Yunnan coffee beans from being popular to market darlings. "Four or five years ago, buyers in first-tier cities began to buy our coffee beans sporadically online; from the year before last, some relatively large-scale partners began to appear, and they began to have formal procurement behaviors one after another." Saya told the "Daily Economic News" reporter.
Behind the simple words is the opportunity that Yunnan coffee industry has been waiting for for many years. Compared with the past, Yunnan coffee farmers and coffee companies have obtained higher autonomy.
Before these new buyers set foot on Yunnan land, the Yunnan coffee industry was deeply tied to Nestlé. In 1988, Nestlé decided to support the development of the coffee industry in Yunnan and introduced Katim to be widely planted in Yunnan. Since then, for a long time, Yunnan coffee beans have been used as raw materials for instant coffee, and the right to speak is not high, and it is difficult for coffee farmers. With bargaining power, it is completely exposed to market fluctuations, and it is difficult to move forward.
The advent of the opportunity period is inseparable from the efforts of local coffee farmers and coffee companies in Yunnan to seek living space. Recently, a reporter from "Daily Economic News" conducted in-depth interviews and investigations with a number of front-line practitioners in the Yunnan coffee industry.
Several local farm owners in Yunnan told reporters that since 2015, driven by various factors, the cultivation and processing of Yunnan coffee beans has changed from quantity to quality, which has brought them greater profit margins. Li Fusheng, the head of Zhiguang Coffee Manor, was born in 1996 and is a "second generation coffee". After his military discharge, he returned to Yunnan and is committed to transforming into specialty coffee.
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