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China’s ‘honey trap’ spy network of beautiful women13/10/2022
China’s ‘honey trap’ spy network of ‘beautiful women’ feared to be bedding UK officials to steal secrets They have sounded the alarm as it emerged US congressman Eric Swalwell had a relationship with suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang.To get more news about 欧美色网, you can visit our official website. It also comes after top spooks at MI5 identified the Communist regime as one of the biggest espionage threats to the UK. Experts on security and China told The Sun Online that Beijing is most likely using agents offering "cash and sex" to try and steal secrets in Britain. And Tory MPs Tom Tugendenhat and Bob Seely warned Britain must "take seriously" of Beijing's espionage efforts to increase its influence. Like something from a spy thriller, the honey trap agents are believed to often be attractive women who have attended top universities and speak perfect English. It is believed they often use social media - such as LinkedIn and Facebook - to connect with their prey as they lure them in. They will then bed the target, and use their influence over them to try and extort valuable information for the Communist Party. Chinese operatives however are said to not just be looking for high profile politicians, but aides, staffers and interns could also be at risk.UK spooks have previously issued official warnings of the danger posed by China's sex for secrets spies. Mr Tugendhat MP, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, told The Sun Online: "Tackling foreign influence like this is what MI5 and the police are for, but it is really difficult - and most of it is down to judgement. "The reality is China is not behaving like a friendly state at the moment, it is behaving like a hostile state.Chinese influence is increasingly coming under scrutiny as it emerged loyal Communist Party members have top jobs at some of the UK's biggest firms. Relations between China and the West remain frosty amid rows over the coronavirus pandemic, 5G, human rights, and Hong Kong. Mr Seeley told The Sun Online: "We should be concerned. Because of the UK's global status people here could potentially be targets. "I wouldn't overstate the case, but we certainly need to be a little less naïve about some of these covert forms of influence we have seen from China and Russia." He added: "We need a much more consistent approach. We need to be trading with China and seeking areas to work together. "But we have to mindful these states are authoritarian powers and they have a different view of the world to us."
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