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Asian vs. American Beauty Standards13/10/2022
Asian vs. American Beauty Standards Beauty is idolized across the globe. Individuals strive to meet the cultural ideals of beauty. Each culture has its subjective view of what constitutes beauty, for which gorgeous icons are portrayed in the media. To get more news about 国产成人高清精品免费, you can visit our official website. Beauty standards vary across the globe, but the most notable difference exists between East Asia and America. Asians favor innocent-like beauty and slim physiques, Western standards seek sensuality and a more prominent hourglass figure. East Asian society emphasizes looking as thin as possible. Korea expects its idols to have a 9-1 ratio where the body is nine times as long as the head. While American standards are not known for expecting precise proportions, they also have high standards for women’s bodies. American standards fluctuate. The 50s brought a desire for a full figure while still staying in the hourglass form. Stars like Marilyn Monroe were envied for their “perfect” curves despite their bodies being considered “plus-size” now. The early 90s increased the popularity of extremely thin body shapes. Models like Kate Moss and Twiggy flooded mainstream media with their waif-like physiques. With the rise of these idols came the heroin chic revolution, which popularized features usually associated with the drug. Despite these models being icons of their time, their bodies do not achieve the ideal physique that American women desire. In the 2000s, curvier figures such as those of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez became popular. Despite this influence from the 90s skinnier bodies like those of Paris Hilton remained desirable. Kim Kardashian is perceived as a beauty icon with her tan skin and tall, hourglass figure representing a slim-thick body, which led to a renewed emphasis on working out to achieve this standard. You can find transformation montages all over social media. Many speculate that Kardashian’s body is enhanced by a butt enlarging procedure. Women find her body so desirable that they spend thousands of dollars on surgeries, such as the Brazilian butt lift (BBL), a cosmetic procedure where fat is sucked from “unwanted” areas such as the thighs, hips, or belly and injected into the buttocks.
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