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Woman Shames Target for Selling Sex Toys, Facebook Erupts in Laughter13/10/2022
Woman Shames Target for Selling Sex Toys, Facebook Erupts in Laughter Admittedly, these are rough times, and we can all use a laugh right about now. The endless news cycles are hurting our brains (and hearts), and sometimes well, sometimes the Internet gods step in and provide some levity in a way that only they can.To get more news about 亚洲欧美日韩在线不卡, you can visit our official website. According to her concise sound off, Target “sinks to a new low in its hatred of parents, children, families, and anything appropriate.” The “Both holes” comment has captured the imagination and knee-jerk punchline reactions of thousands of people genuinely concerned about this woman’s apparent lack of SEX TOY knowledge. Troy Hutch is a dude and even he knows that “both holes” is not how this works. But even better are these friends who couldn’t stop tagging each other in one of the funniest exchanges in the entire thread. “As a woman of class and purity, I will stand in judgment of all sinners who double down on their transgressions.” LOL! But seriously, Misty, what store puts lube and sex toys next to vitamins? Pretty sure those aren’t vitamins in the background of this image. Lady, do you even realize what a deal $29.99 is!? Seriously, have you not been to any boutiques to see how pricey those things get? What she said! Not every aisle is appropriate for kids. Any decent parent would know to avoid this aisle and maybe not stop to point it out by taking a picture. Holy crap, lady. We were’not the only ones thinking this is a hugely problematic issue with this viral rant. Debbie Ann out the obvious. Melissa Cothrine nailed it when she called this viral post out. And she’s not the only one, dozens (maybe hundreds!) of others thought this is was a fake comment. Amy Wiedmeier is also pretty sure this is a fakity fake-fake comment. WInning attempt at going viral indeed! But don’t worry, Detective Karenn in on it. For the most part, people seem to know BS when they spot it and are having a grand time leaving hilarious comments in the thread. But seriously, “both holes” cracked me up. There are tens of thousands of hilarious comments, which is great because when we can’t figure what the hell to watch on Netflix, this is at least a season worth of scrolling.
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