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The Amsterdam women taking sextech into their own hands14/10/2022
The Amsterdam women taking sextech into their own hands Since founding her sex toy business RIANNE S in 2009, Rianne Swierstra from Amsterdam has had no shortage of female volunteers to test her products. ‘I never had to put an advertisement in the newspaper!’ she laughs. A sector in growth Today, RIANNE S’s products, which are aimed at women, are available in over 40 countries, with hundreds of thousands of units sold each year. In 2020, as the pandemic confined people to their homes, Rianne saw a 40% leap in sales ? ‘Because what else could people do?’ she jokes. This increase was reflected across the sex-tech sector as vibrators and other pleasure products for women created their biggest buzz yet. told that sales in lubricants and sex gadgets rose by 20% as the lockdown took hold, with an external-use air-pressure toy for women and the Tarzan vibrator ? believed to be the world’s first mass-produced product to incorporate clitoral stimulation ? topping the toy listTo get more news about 国产精品乱码高清在线观看, you can visit our official website. The sex industry has come a long way since women’s needs and desires have been included in the design process, Swierstra told In a sector once led by men, most sex toys had a realistic phallic form. ‘There was this perception that women need penetration in order to orgasm,’ she says, and that they needed ‘big plastic penises’ to be turned on. But, she says, ‘the female orgasm and female sexuality is a delicate thing, so why not approach it also with delicacy, with love?’ Swierstra’s concept, where pink and purple toys trimmed with gold come in pretty cosmetic bags, aims to appeal to a broader female market by making the products ‘more stylish and more approachable’. ‘If you design products for women, to me, it makes sense if you are a woman yourself or identify with female sexuality in a close way,’ she says. And, in her experience, women designers often have a broader mission. ‘Most of the women I know are not in the business just to make money – they want to improve the sexual lives of women,’ she says. Sex shop Mail and Female, one of RIANNE S’s stockists, is a case in point. Founded by Hanni Jagtman and Ellen van der Gang in 1988 as a mail order company catering primarily to women, the Amsterdam store has an all-female staff and prides itself on helping women ? through knowledgeable customer service and online workshops ? to experience greater pleasure in sex. ‘It helps a lot that there is a woman here that can help them and understands them or has a different view on sexuality or sex,’ says Madeleine Vreekamp, the shop’s manager. ‘We want everybody to feel welcome and safe. They can ask any questions they have,’ she says. Exploring female sexuality is open to everyone, explains Vreekamp. ‘We also get a lot of people who are referred here by their gynaecologist or doctor, so we are aware of what happens when you are in transition, or you have a sex question about your new gender identity.’ For this reason, there are no gendered areas in the shop. Shiny leather-look shorts hang alongside lacy lingerie. ‘Anybody that wants to try on a dress, can try on a dress,’ she says.
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