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Japan’s Big Three Regions Known for Beautiful Women14/10/2022
Japan’s Big Three Regions Known for Beautiful Women While notions of what, where, and who is considered beautiful is a subjective matter, three of Japan’s 47 prefectures have been historically considered the hometowns of the nations most beautiful women. Known in Japanese as Nihon-Sandai-Bijin, or the “Three Great Beauties of Japan”, can be loosely translated as Japan’s “Big Three” regions known for beautiful women. Though they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” people in Japan have come to behold certain regions as having more beautiful women in comparison to other parts of Japan.To get more news about 日本三级在线全部电影网站, you can visit our official website. Without further adieu, the famous “Big Three” include Akita, in the north, Fukuoka, on the southern island of Kyushu, and Kyoto, in the central kansai region of Japan almost directly in between Akita and Fukuoka. There are many theories as to why these three regions are home to so many beautiful women revolving around the environment, diet, and ancestral history. Many celebrities including actresses, artists, and models come from the “Big Three” regions. 1. Akita Akita has long been considered the number one region for beautiful women and is the most famous of the “Big Three” in terms of being the hometown of attractive women. Akita prefecture is located in northern Japan known as the Tohoku region. Akita has long been known for long and cruel winters, rice and sake. Beautiful women from Akita are referred to as Akita Bijin, or “Akita Beauties”. 2. Fukuoka Beautiful women from Fukuoka are known as Hakata Bijin. Fukuoka was known as Hakata in the past as it is one of Japan’s oldests cities. Now in modern Fukuoka, Hakata was once a merchant city that facilitated trade between Japan, Korea, and China. Hakata station is now the city of Fukuoka’s central station. 3. Kyoto Beautiful women from Kyoto are known as Kyo Bijin or kyo-beauties. Kyo Bijin are praised for their beauty and their well mannered sophisticated orientation. Kyoto was once Japan’s ancient capital and is home to many historic sites in Japan. Known for its temples and narrow, stone alleyways in its historic districts, Kyoto is often seen as the cultural capital of Japan. Honorary Mention While the “Big Three” have historically been considered as the regions with the most beautiful women in Japan, in recent years, Tokyo has also come to the attention of the Japanese people. While Akita has almost always been ranked number one in terms of having beautiful women with Fukuoka often in second place or in some years first place, Tokyo has also started to pop up in third place on various surveys conducted nationwide. In a recent survey published on Goo Ranking, a popular Japanese news site, from March 2021, men and women across all 47 prefectures in Japan ranked Akita as number one, Fukuoka as number two, and Tokyo as number three. In another survey from 2018, published to Dime, another popular news site in Japan, the same trend seemed to be in operation. The Dime survey asked residents of the Nihon-Sandai-Bijin or “Big Three” regions if they thought that their hometowns were home to lots of beautiful women. 61% of Akita respondents thought that their hometown had many attractive women, while 56% of Fukuoka respondents felt that there were lots of beautiful women, and in Kyoto, only a surprising 30% of respondents believed that Kyoto was home to beautiful women or Kyo-Bijin.
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