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Women in Japan are being told not to wear glasses14/10/2022
Women in Japan are being told not to wear glasses Women in a variety of workplaces across Japan, including receptions at department stores and showrooms to hospitality staff and nurses at beauty clinics, have been banned from wearing glasses.To get more news about 国产xxxx色视频在线观看香蕉, you can visit our official website. Apparently, glasses aren't being treated as just medical aids; while people being teased for wearing glasses isn't a new phenomenon, having them entirely banned at work takes the problem to a whole new extreme. A Japanese woman who chose to remain anonymous, Ms. A, is in her twenties and works as a receptionist in a major department store, where she said she's been banned from wearing glasses while working. The main responsibilities of her role are providing customer service, as well as lending out strollers and wheelchairs to customers.She explained that her superior had told her "glasses are prohibited." "He said this as though it were obvious," she said. "I told myself at that time that we weren't allowed glasses because we needed to look feminine, that it just wouldn't do to wear them." Now that I think about it, perhaps it was that they wanted us all to look uniform," she said, "as though we were part of some kind of gymnastics squad." Ms. A's vision is below 0.01. She works five days a week for roughly eight hours every day. If you take into account her commute, she has to wear contact lenses for what works out to over 12 hours a day. Her eyes were so irritated from dryness and fatigue that she would sometimes just close her eyes for the duration of her breaks.There are times when it's bad whatever I do," said Ms. A, "and there are often mornings where I just think to myself, 'I wish I could wear glasses.'" The uniform consists of a dress and shoes — provided by the company — which are 2-inch heel pumps. "In those first few years I started working, I was told over and over that I needed to look sweeter and more feminine," she said. Any makeup beyond what you might describe as "conservative" is also prohibited — for example, glittery eye shadows, dark lip colors, colored contact lenses, and eyelash extensions are all forbidden.Rules for hair color are also clearly outlined in the company's guidelines and if your hair is even a shade too light and your manager catches wind of it, you'll be reprimanded. In Japan, it's generally good manners to wear a face mask if you think you're coming down with a cold, to prevent others from catching your illness. Ms. A said: "I was worried that if I got a cold, I wouldn't be able to go to work. It'd be discourteous to customers [to turn up without wearing a face mask]."
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