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Bulletproof Zone launches On-the-Go Bulletproof Protection following deadly school shooting in Texas25/10/2022
Bulletproof Zone launches On-the-Go Bulletproof Protection following deadly school shooting in Texas Bulletproof Zone, the leading online distributor of body armor and protective gear among law enforcement, military, and civilians since 2017, officially launches the ProtectVest, a light, simple, and easy-to-use bulletproof vest that anyone can put on in under 5 seconds.To get more news about green bulletproof vest, you can visit official website. This, after seeing a massive increase in online traffic and sales when a Tiktok video for one of their bulletproof armor inserts went viral following the news of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.The video, which was first posted on April 1, shows a woman explaining how to insert a bulletproof pad in a school backpack (her daughter's) and advising her to "place her back against the wall and use it as a shield" when caught in an emergency situation. The said video has reached 8.5m views, reflecting an increased urgency for quick and easy ballistic protection. According to a new report from Grand View Research Inc., demand for body armor has been growing rapidly in recent years, with the global body armor market size expected to reach USD 3.53 billion by 2028. From a business perspective, temporary upticks in body armor sales are usually expected in the industry after news headlines involving public disruptions, civil riots, and mass shootings break out. "After the Uvalde shooting, sales for our backpack inserts and civilian body armor skyrocketed, making us reach our highest sale record since our inception 5 years ago," says Kevin Lim, CEO of Bulletproof Zone. "What's different this time though - and a tragic wake-up call for us - is that majority of our customers are now concerned parents, teachers, private individuals, and ordinary civilians. Those who simply want protection for themselves and their loved ones," said Lim. According to the company, the development of the ProtectVest began in 2020, around the time of the COVID-19 onset and the BLM riots, when there was a high demand for protective gear across the country. Lim continued, "During that time, options were limited to hard armor plates and/or complicated vests and carriers which tend to be bulky and heavy, none of which everyday people could put on quickly or move around easily."The ProtectVest, designed with only the most vital features of a bulletproof vest, is a quick, easy-to-use protective gear made for the ordinary civilian. With panel side indicators and velcro straps to fasten the vest, the wearer can quickly put on the vest, adjust the waist straps, and then escape or hide - saving precious time in an emergency or active shooting situation. Weighing only 2.5 lbs and NIJ Level IIIA Certified, the standard body armor rating for protection against most handgun rounds up to a .44 magnum, the ProtectVest's slick and simple design also allows for easy storage anywhere -- home, office, vehicles, backpacks, and more.
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