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Buxus EVA and EVA-S presented: Are these still e-bikes?16/11/2022
Buxus EVA and EVA-S presented: Are these still e-bikes? The two e-bikes Buxus EVA and EVA-S come with an unusual and unique design, because visually the two electric bikes are strongly reminiscent of off-road motorcycles. The manufacturer’s goal is to combine the feeling of riding a motorcycle with an e-bike. Therefore, the installed technology is of a correspondingly high quality. A roughly similar approach was recently pursued by Noordnung with its e-bike complete with motorcycle tank top look.To get more news about fatest ebike, you can visit official website.
The two new e-bikes, Buxus EVA and EVA-S, which the manufacturer has just unveiled, are not yet available for purchase. They are to be financed shortly via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. A corresponding preview page is already online, but the campaign has not yet started at the moment. The most striking feature of both EVAs is, of course, their design, which borrows heavily from classic off-road motorcycles. But the two e-bikes, firsts for the manufacturer from China, are classic electric bikes designed to capture the “spirit of motorcycling.”In purely visual terms, the EVA and EVA-S differ minimally from one another, but most of the differences are found in the technology. The EVA-S marks the more powerful model and is equipped with a 1,000 watt mid-motor that realizes 80 Nm of torque. This is the same power that the recently introduced OKAI Ranger e-bike also calls up. In comparison, however, it only reaches a maximum speed of 31 km/h. Thus, the EVA-S gets up to 38 miles per hour, the equivalent of just under 61 km/h. At most, the top model realizes a range of 75 miles (i.e., up to 121 kilometers) thanks to its 1,200 Wh battery, which of course depends heavily on the terrain and other factors.The Buxus EVA, on the other hand, relies “only” on a 750-watt motor for a maximum of 48 km/h with a torque of 80 Nm as well, and relies on a 960 Wh battery for ranges of up to 103 km. Both batteries are removable and should be fully charged in 4.5 hours. With the offered performance, both e-bikes do not even pass as S-pedelecs in Germany, making a launch in this country rather unlikely.Thanks to the mid-motor, the Buxus EVA and EVA-S e-bikes are said to offer a balanced center of gravity in the middle of the bikes, benefiting stability and steering. At the same time, this also benefits acceleration in rough terrain, as power is transmitted equally to both axles. The fact that the e-bikes are designed for off-road adventures is not only evident in the design, but also in terms of the other features. Massive and soft adjustable front and rear suspensions are supposed to ensure a high level of riding comfort.The rear suspension is also coupled with an energy recovery system that enables recuperation when the AI controller is active. Thanks to a 12-magnet speed sensor and three levels of assistance, the e-bike can be adapted to different challenges. 20-inch off-road motorcycle tires (fat tires) and sturdy rims add comfort. In addition, there is a dual-piston hydraulic brake system with brake discs together with a diameter of 180 mm. The maximum load capacity of both e-bikes is also impressive. Up to 300 kg should not be a problem thanks to the robust aluminum frame. The Buxus EVA and EVA-S e-bikes can also be equipped with an eSIM, allowing them to be operated and used keylessly via the Buxus Smart app. In addition, OTA (Over the Air) firmware updates are possible via the app, while all ride data, battery status and other information can be accessed. In addition, the e-bikes have a built-in alarm system that sounds a siren when unauthorized people approach the bikes. Bright LED lights front and rear round out the scope of the bikes.When and at what prices the Buxus EVA and EVA-S e-bikes will be offered, the manufacturer currently leaves completely open. Both bikes are to be financed via an Indiegogo campaign, which is why an imminent release is not to be expected. More details can be found on the official product website.
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