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NTS-717 Shrinking Machine & NTS-SP3 Sponging Machine from Asahi Corp.29/12/2022
NTS-717 Shrinking Machine & NTS-SP3 Sponging Machine from Asahi Corp. Asahi Corp. from Japan offers a product line that specializes in shrinking, fusing and finishing press machines, widely used in industries such as printing, automobile, medical and apparel. The NTS-717 Shrinking Machine is one of the popular models offered by the company, offering a maximum processing width of 1700 mm with a processing speed of 0-6 m/minute. The running roller of the machine is equipped with a photo sensor which helps to detect the distance to accomplish no-tension fabric. The initial processes for treating the fabric include low temperature, high humid steam and vibration. The machine is fitted with a Kevler mesh belt that ensures uniform steaming.Get more news about fabric sponging machine seller,you can vist our website! This is followed by an after-steam-process to enhance relaxing finish. Hot air wind is generated from high efficiency heat exchanging device which performs the dry heat process. The fabric is finally exposed to suck-cooling to stabilize and cool it. Lastly, the reversal table folds the fabric on the try. The NTS-SP3 sponging machine checks fabric through a photograph sensor, then the roller moves it to a humidification zone in a tensionfree state. The humidification zone can process not only organic materials but also synthetic fabrics in order to add the humidity and heat for the relaxation of the fabric. Next, vibration is added to material after the first humidification zone to enhance its relaxation. In the heat zone, both upper and lower teflon belt add moderate pressure to prevent fluffing of the fabric. The wind control system in the vacuum zone ensures proper cooling. The machine can adjust the speed of humidification zone, heat zone, and cooling zone,to keep the fabric tension free. After the fabric cools down, it is folded gently into a bucket. NTS-SP3 offers a maximum processing width of 1800 mm with a processing speed of 1.2-12 mm/minute.
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