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The Mech Touch Chapter 4575 Meeting Demand Vs Creating Demand 4/3/2023
The Mech Touch Chapter 4575 Meeting Demand Vs Creating Demand Its addition to the Larkinson Army's mech roster would not spark a revolution or a comprehensive boost in combat effectiveness.To get more news about The Mech Touch, you can visit official website. It mostly added more choice to the Larkinson mech pilots while also giving them the option to embrace a different style of mech combat. Ves actually thought favorably of the Samurai Project. Its stormblade technology added more variety to melee mechs and allowed them to inflict at least partial energy damage. The enhanced effectiveness of stormblade weapons against energy shields was also particularly useful in the Red Ocean. The native alien warships generally relied on transphasic energy shields to mitigate large amounts of damage, so anything that gave his mechs an edge against this powerful protection was good news in his eyes. The only major shortcoming of the Samurai Project was that it would drain its energy reserves faster while engaged in combat. Ketis already made sure to increase her work's longevity as much as possible by ensuring the sword only became energized when making contact with obstacles. "Stormblade weapons can be a lot more powerful and destructive when wielded by the right warriors." Ketis remarked. "An expert pilot with the appropriate expert swordsman mech can break the limit of this tech and inflict devastating attacks. A part of me is eager to see whether one of our swordsman mech specialists will be able to soar with the help of the Samurai Project once it is finished." That sounded interesting to Ves as well. He could always choose to facilitate a mech pilot's breakthrough with the help of the transcendence glow, but he preferred to wait for natural breakthroughs in order to avoid promoting anyone unworthy. The conversation soon turned to discussing other ongoing mech design projects. Ves gave brief updates on the Dullahan Project and the Ghost Project. Ketis looked surprised at how he altered their original concepts and intended to add untested new tech to them both. "You always taught me that we should never bite more than we should chew. Aren't you making the same mistake by becoming up with the Empowered Blood Sharing System and the Geist System? Neither of them sound easy to invent as you will need to build up entirely new theoretical frameworks in subjects that you have never explored in the past."" He understood her skepticism, but he maintained his confidence in his ability to succeed in his new ventures. "You don't need to be concerned for me, Ketis. While my earlier advice still rings true, a stronger mech designer does not have to hold back as much. Due to some recent…changes, I've become an even faster learner than I was in the past. I have already mastered all of the basics of biotechnology, so the EBSS probably won't be an issue. I am a bit less confident about realizing the Geist System, but I think I will manage to cobble something together." The swordmaster shrugged. "It's your problem. This has nothing to do with me. Frankly, a part of me looks forward to seeing you fail. Your mech designs are becoming more and more ridiculous. Sometimes, I get the impression that you have become more passionate about bringing literal monsters to life rather than meeting the needs of the mech pilots that are just asking for solid and reliable mechs." She brought up an important point about the mismatch between the decisions of a producer and the expectations of the end users. "I know what you are trying to say." He said with a serious expression. "This has always been one of the problems afflicting every industry, not just mech design. It is not enough for creators like us to design mechs that straightforwardly give mech pilots what they have asked for. Our customers do not know what mech designers are capable of, and have limited awareness and imagination of what mechs they could actually obtain if they make the right demands." Sara Voiken briefly directed her attention away from cuddling with Lucky to add her voice to this discussion. "While it is important to listen to the feedback of mech pilots, it is the mech industry that is the greatest driving force of innovation. Mech designers are constantly pushing the limit and exploring completely new ways to make mechs stronger. In the past, no one thought about designing a mech that is entirely made out of nanomachines, but once a mech designer developed the first successful smart metal mechs, an entirely new market came into life. The same applies to biomechs, striker mechs, stealth mechs, heavy artillery mechs and etc. It has always been inventive mech designers who created them before there was any strong demand."
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