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THE ABANDONED HUSBAND DOMINATES Chapter 11 Recalling that Jordan could easily subdue all the professional fighters Herman had sent, the Camdens began to worry about it.To get more news about The Abandoned Husband Dominates, you can visit official website. Herman said, “Everyone, this beast Jordan has extraordinary combat skills, and I reckon he might go to the wealthy people in Orlando and apply to be their personal bodyguards. Whom among you can cut off his potential career path as a bodyguard?” Everyone fell silent. In Orlando, there were too many wealthy people, and no one dared claim that they knew them all or even had the right to speak in front of them. At this moment, a woman who had been seated quietly for a long time suddenly laughed charmingly. Everyone followed the voice, only to see a woman wearing a red business suit seated with her legs crossed and was incredibly alluring! The woman seemed to be in her early thirties, but she had the charm of a mature woman. She had fair skin and sexy red lips. Dressed in a skin-tight short skirt, she made the imagination of many people run wild. “Hey, Miss Clarke, when did you arrive? Sorry for not welcoming you earlier. Please forgive me!” After noticing that woman, Herman walked over excitedly. Looking at the woman lustfully, Ryan patted Herman on his shoulder and asked, “Mr. Camden, who is this beauty? Introduce her.” Herman looked at Ryan with contempt and thought, ‘Ryan really doesn’t fit in with the upper-class circle in Orlando. He doesn’t even know who this woman is!’ Herman said, “She’s the deputy president of Ace Corporation, Miss Victoria Clarke!” “What? The deputy president of Ace Corporation?” Ryan and the others were stunned. They knew how influential the Ace Corporation was in Orlando. To be able to reach the position of deputy president, she was definitely extraordinary. The fact that Victoria managed to reach the deputy president of Ace Corporation at such a young age made everyone wonder if she had used any connections. Jordan suddenly frowned, carefully looked at Victoria, and said with surprise, “She’s from our company…” “There are many wealthy people in Orlando, and the Camdens have wide connections, but we only know about two-thirds of them.” Herman laughed.
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