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Osprey FX Review: Ospreyfx Forex Scam Exposed14/3/2023
Osprey FX Review: Ospreyfx Forex Scam Exposed Osprey FX is a CFDs and Forex scam broker to hit the lucrative Forex world. OspreyFX is claiming to be the best Forex broker thanks to their lightening execution speed. Offers they give to anyone who is willing to sign up include 1:500 leverage and 0.01 minimum lots. After reading so many negative comments regarding this broker, we decided to conduct a full investigation. Read the whole truth here!To get more news about ospreyfx review, you can visit official website. Newbie traders are often taken advantage of by scammers due to a number of reasons. Top among these reasons include fake claims and promises. Osprey FX uses the same tricks that scammers use to entice newbie traders into signing up with them. Reviews such as this are meant to open your eyes and spot the trickery used by fraudsters. Don’t sign up with OspreyFX until you read this whole review. Osprey FX is a broker who deals with Crypto Currency and Forex. Their main area of expertise is Crypto Currency where numerous folks want to make money with this commodity. And what they’ve done is claim to offer full STP execution with their platform. Users are also promised 24/7 Crypto trading, which means their trading is non-stop. Dear readers, read this honest and unbiased review to find out what’s cooking with OspreyFX. Always sign up with Accurate and Efficient Crypto Currency trading robots at all times. Users who sign up with Industry recommended Crypto Currency trading robots have made loads of money. Don’t be left behind and sign up with Affordable and Reliable Crypto Currency trading robots. A sure way of making realistic profits with Crypto currency trading is having dependable trading tools always. Who Owns Osprey FX? First red flag we spotted with this brokerage firm is the lack of ownership details. There’s nowhere that users can get to know the real people behind this brokerage firm. That makes it an anonymous entity which is bad for business. How do they expect us to trust them with our deposit when we don\t know who owns the platform? Folks, an anonymous online investment platform is a no show for any expert investor. It would have helped if we knew who the actual owners are. One way of verifying ownership is looking at social media profiles of owners. That way, it would make all investors feel safe knowing that they are investing with a real person. And this is where we draw the line with Osprey FX. Fact that this broker is shrouded with anonymity and mischief makes it a dangerous platform to invest in. To our knowledge, Osprey FX is not licensed or regulated by any regulatory authority that we know of. What’s more interesting is that their own homepage fails to reveal any licensing or regulatory details. A real broker in most cases will post their licensing number and show registration number as well. This is proof that we are dealing with a broker who has not been registered or regulated. Where’s their registration certificated and documents? A real broker will easily post their details for everyone to see. Why have they not done this? It’s because we are dealing with a fake brokerage entity. These owners don’t have the necessary documents required to run a Forex brokerage firm. It also means that Osprey FX is not authorized to conduct any Forex business on behalf of third parties. Fake Demo Account. What this broker has done with their demo account is simply unforgivable. This broker has rigged the demo account on behalf of users. Wait, you are thinking that this is a good thing well, it’s not. Let’s us explain the full aspect of a rigged demo account. With a rigged demo account, users trade with virtual money offered to them by the broker. All users have to do is trade and see what happens with their trades. A rigged demo account will make over 90% successful trades even with a newbie trader. Folks, this is meant to entice investors into signing up with the real account. What investors don’t know is that with a real account, users have to deposit real money. Once you are enticed into opening a real account, that’s when the problems begin. A real account is totally different from a demo account, most users end up losing all their money.
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