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Genshin Impact Mika build and materials guide29/3/2023
Genshin Impact Mika build and materials guide The best Genshin Impact Mika build focuses on Energy Recharge and HP, which allows him to activate his Elemental Burst as often as possible. Mika is never going to deal a lot of damage, but he has some excellent healing capability and is one of very few characters who can buff the physical damage of a team. Though he is a Cryo polearm user, Miko’s kit includes a crossbow for some ranged damage as well, which is pretty cool.To get more news about recharge genshin impact, you can visit official website. Mika’s Elemental Skill, Starfrost Swirl, uses that crossbow to attack and deal Cryo damage as well as grant allied characters a buff to their Attack Speed. The crossbow has an alternative firing mode when you hold the button, allowing you to aim and hit several targets. If you manage to hit several enemies, the buff granted to allies includes a 10% boost to physical damage. His Elemental Burst, Skyfeather Song, regenerates HP for the entire team with the healing being based on Mika’s maximum HP. Normal Attacks made by characters affected by this ability will continue to heal them for a short amount of time. This kit makes Mika quite a solid Support character, though his ability to provide damage buffs is definitely more reliable once you’ve unlocked his Constellations. Best Mika weapons – Genshin Impact You don’t ever want to use Mika to actually attack with him, as his personal damage is extremely low. Instead, focusing on his Energy Recharge (aim for about 180%) is a good idea to cope with the high cost of his Elemental Burst. If you’re the type to have a spare Engulfing Lightning catching dust in your inventory, that one’s probably a good choice thanks to its Energy Recharge stat and the additional energy generation after activating an Elemental Burst. Honestly, though, the Favonius Lance is going to be good enough for him. Best Mika artifacts – Genshin Impact There are several possibilities you may want to consider for Mika. The first one is a typical set on Support characters, which is always worth a thought: Noblesse Oblige provides a useful buff for the entire team and having one character carrying it into battle is never a bad idea. In case you already have a Noblesse Oblige or don’t need the Attack buff, you could mix two pieces of Tenacity of the Millelith with two pieces of Emblem of Severed Fate, which will give Mika an additional 20% of HP and Energy Recharge. This is a very similar set-up to Diona’s. A third option is to go for a full set of Ocean-Hued Clam, which is a more damage-oriented path to take. Ocean-Hued Clam buffs Mika’s Healing Bonus and creates a physical damage effect based on the amount of HP healed by his Elemental Burst – this can be substantial enough to cause a solid amount of damage.
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