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Overload Protection on Extension Socket29/3/2023
Overload Protection on Extension Socket Many families have extension socket, because it is unavoidable to encounter places that need to be used in daily life. There are some ways to use the extension socket. We should pay attention to the safety problem. Many careful friends will find that there is a red button on it. Never press this button blindly on the extension socket. It's really too powerful. You can save your life at the critical moment. Let's get to know it.Get more news about Overload Protection Socket,you can vist our website! The red button called the "super power protection button", is a protective device that comes with the extension socket. The pressed state is the normal state of use. When the power of the electrical appliances used in the slot exceeds the rated power of the slot board of 2500W, the red button will automatically pop up, and then automatically power off. If the power of the electrical appliances is reduced, i.e. less than 2500W, and then the red button is pressed, the socket can be used normally. When too many high-power devices are inserted into the line, tripping phenomenon will be found. Another case is that when the conductor cross-section is not properly selected, such tripping will occur. The third case is that the short circuit occurs in the insertion line. The overload protector is also called the overload protector. In fact, overload means that the electric load is too large, exceeding the rated load of the slot itself. The automatic tripping is also for the damage of the current conductor, in order to prevent the equipment or circuit from burning down. This point I think is like the self-protection of equipment, in order to prevent equipment damage, cause accidents! Reminds everyone, when choosing the extension socket, we must try our best to choose the overload, short-circuit protection extension, such socket safety factor will be a little higher, and it is also important to bear in mind that when it is okay, do not press it casually, and do not remove it casually without damage.
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