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Design of Micro Switch Automatic Screening and Sorting Device29/3/2023
Design of Micro Switch Automatic Screening and Sorting Device Due to its small size and relatively complex production process, Micro Switches are generally produced automatically to improve the quality of parts and production efficiency. So what is the design of the Micro Switch automatic screening and sorting device? Let's take a look at it next.Get more news about custom dongnan micro switch,you can vist our website! Design principle Micro Switch automatic screening and sorting device Vibrating feeder is an efficient feeding device for material selection through electromagnetic vibration. Compared with other feeding devices, it has a simple structure, low energy consumption, stable and reliable operation, and good versatility. It has excellent aligning characteristics. During the aligning process, the workpieces can be directionally sorted, separated, and screened using baffles, gaps, or partial weights. Structural design The Micro Switch automatic screening and directional sorting mechanism include a distributor, a sorter, a base, and a vibration control part. The base of the Micro Switch adopts an integral base, which is equipped with a shock-absorbing device, a transmission device, and a supporting mechanism. The transmission device re-transports the parts excluded from outlet 1 of the vertical exclusion device and outlet 2 of the outrigger exclusion device back to the distributor and transports the sorted microswitches from the final part outlet to the gripping part of the manipulator. Among them, the angle between the slideway plane of the Micro Switch sequencer and the horizontal plane is θ; the plane where the sequencer is located at the outlet 1 of the part is inclined to one side by a certain angle α, and the inclination direction is consistent with the direction of the outlet 2 of the outrigger removal device. To solve the problem of accumulation blockage and micro-switch entanglement caused by excessive feeding, the distributor is designed as an upper and lower two-layer structure. The upper layer is used to receive the micro-switch and is connected to the support mechanism. Holes, parts separation holes are sized to allow single or 2 or 3 micro switches that are simply stacked to pass through, after the microswitches pass through the parts separation holes, they fall to the lower layer. One end of the lower layer is connected to the sequencer, and the bottom is connected to the vibrating part. The vibrating part generates vibration to disperse the micro-switches, and the dispersed micro-switches enter the sequencer in sequence. The sequencer includes a slideway, a longitudinal arrangement device, a vertical exclusion device, an outrigger exclusion device, and an output device. The slideway is a smooth surface, and the longitudinal arrangement device, the vertical removal device, and the outrigger removal device are respectively installed on the slideway in sequence. The Micro Switch longitudinal arrangement device is a trapezoidal groove. The Micro Switch conveyed by the distributor enters the inlet of the longitudinal arrangement device, passes through the slideway, and is output to the outlet of the longitudinal arrangement device. According to the size of the inlet and the outlet, the Micro Switch can be opened. The existing horizontal transport form becomes a vertical transport form. The microswitch transmitted longitudinally continues to be output to the vertical exclusion device through the slideway. The vertical removal device is a rectangular slot, and the upper cover in the shape of a triangle is buckled at the entrance. There is an outlet on one side of the vertical removal device slot. The exclusion device deletes the "vertical output" microswitch elements from the outlet, and only retains the "flat output" microswitch elements while maintaining the orderly state in the longitudinal direction, and the deleted microswitch elements pass through the conveying device from the outlet It is sent back to the upper level of the dispenser for re-screening. The microswitch retained by the vertical exclusion device continues to be transmitted to the outrigger exclusion device through the slideway. The slot width and height of the inlet of the outrigger removal device are the same as those of the outlet of the vertical removal device and are directly connected. One side of the outrigger removal device slot is provided with an open hook structure, and the other side of the outrigger removal device slot is provided with an outlet. The outrigger removal device removes the microswitch with the outrigger on the side facing the open hook structure, that is, removes the part of the outrigger on the left or right side of the microswitch element while maintaining the orderly state of the vertical and horizontal, remove the parts are sent back to the upper level of the distributor from the outlet of the outrigger removal device for re-screening. The reserved microswitches are output to the output device through the slideway. The Micro Switches of the output device are output to the conveyor belt controlled by the stepper motor in a fixed sequence. There are small chambers on the conveyor belt that match the size of the Micro Switches. When the parts fall into a chamber that is on standby, the photoelectric sensor is triggered. The stepper motor is moved to the grasping part of the manipulator, and the manipulator is grasped and installed on the Micro Switch.
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