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How to get into track running29/3/2023
How to get into track running Finding an athletics club can be an intimidating prospect but most clubs throughout the world are eager to increase their membership so you will likely be far more welcome than you first think.Get more news about high quality running track,you can vist our website! Finding local athletics clubs can often be done by going on to the website of your national athletics federation where information is often contained about affiliated clubs as well as the registered coaches who train the athletes. This is a good way of ensuring the club you are joining is properly trained, qualified and monitored. Qualifications alone, however, may not show exactly what you’re looking for from a club and coach. Nowadays most clubs (and many coaches) will have various social media channels. Check them out and these may well provide a good idea of whether that club would be a good fit for you. These pages will also often highlight any changes to training times or the right people to get in touch with to ask some questions. These channels are often much more regularly updated than websites so may be the best place to start. While it is possible to find athletics competitions online, coaches at these clubs will be able to match your level to the appropriate competition. This means when you first decide to compete, you will be competing against people of a similar standard, making the whole experience more enjoyable and getting those competitive juices flowing. Getting the right footwear Athletics spikes are generally lighter than those you would use on the road, with a lower stack height and less support. That said, there do exist variances with some models offering more support than others. The first times you wear spikes can cause a lot of pressure on your legs, especially the calves which are normally more cushioned by less aggressive road shoes. When training on the track, many will choose to train in lighter road shoes, gradually introducing the spikes when their legs start to get used to the different impact of the track. Speak to your coach and footwear specialists to decide what’s right for you and take time to introduce track spikes into your shoe rotation. When taking part in competitions, it is important to note that many federations have adopted World Athletics' guidance on what shoes are eligible for competitions.
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