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The screw pump: Function, areas of application and special features14/4/2023
The screw pump: Function, areas of application and special features "Screw pump" is short for eccentric screw pump. After the inventor, it is also known as the Moineau pump , or from English as the PCP pump (progressive or progressing cavity pump). It is one of the rotating positive displacement pumps. The pumped medium is transported from the upper tank through the hose to the spray lance.To get more news about SEEPEX Pump Parts, you can visit official website. The eccentric screw pump has two main components: on the one hand the rotor, a rotating screw, and on the other hand the stator, a cylinder in which the rotor is located. The stator has a similar internal geometry to the rotor ,both are helical. When the rotor rotates in the stator, defined empty spaces (conveying chambers) with circumferential sealing result, thus creating a negative pressure. This in turn ensures that the eccentric screw pump is self-priming. Due to the constant movement of the rotor (in contrast to changes in direction of reciprocating pistons and thus corresponding dead centres), material conveying is low in pulsation. At the injection lance, the medium is then divided with the aid of compressed air and can be applied evenly. Valves for limiting the delivery spaces do not exist in this pump, which means less wear. The rotor moves eccentrically, which means that the axis of rotation of the rotor does not correspond to the axis of symmetry of the complete pump. This is also where the name of the eccentric wrom pump comes from. The eccentric screw pump should not be confused with the Archimedes screw, which is also called a screw pump and is used today especially in the conveyance of solids such as bulk materials. This is a huge helix that simply pushes the conveying elements (often solids) upwards in a trough. There is no stator in which negative pressure is generated, so that this type of material conveying does not belong to the pumps, but is a constant pressure hoist. It was originally used as a water lifting device in ancient times to pump water. Due to the rotor-stator principle, the WAGNER screw pumps are very easy to operate and infinitely variable and are also suitable for beginners in the field of machine processing. We also make a point of ensuring that our machines are as trouble-free and easy to use as possible for your users - accordingly, WAGNER mortar spraying equipment can be dismantled and reassembledin just a few steps, even on theconstruction site itself. All the wetted parts are made from stainless steel.In addition, our PlastCoat and PlastMax units have a long service life.They are very robust and particularly low-wear and low-maintenance, and the uncomplicated operation avoids sources of error and thus potential for damage. Our WAGNER screw pump also works much more quietly than the standard piston pump! The screw pump combines many advantageous features of other pump solutions: Like the centrifugal pump, for example, it has no pressure or suction valves, and like a piston pump, the eccentric screw pump also has excellent pumping speed. The flow rate is constant and speed-dependent.Like a gear or screw pump, it handles pumped material with high viscosity, grain size,fibres and inhomogeneous or abrasive materials. Spraying particularly heavy materials such as plaster or filler is hard work. The biggest advantage of a screw pump is the possibility of achieving a high working speed and yet a high-quality surface result with little physical effort due to the machine processing . The quality of your work does not decrease, on the contrary, and in addition you can plaster, fill, coat or reinforce surfaces much faster. The more surface area involved, the more obvious the time and material savings.
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