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Everything you NTK about the Deep Cleanse Silicone Brush25/4/2023
Everything you NTK about the Deep Cleanse Silicone Brush Our first launch of '23 is here and you are all LOVING it! Thank you for all of the support and to our members who sold us out in 1 day. To those of you who still need more time to learn about the Deep Cleanse Silicone Brush, this is for you!Get more news about Silicone Brush,you can vist our website! We came out with a tagline for the Deep Cleanse Silicone Brush "micro without the machine". So what does that even mean? Well, the exfoliating brush head has short silicone bristles that help to gently and safely exfoliate the skin, while still being able to get into all of the nooks and crannies. You can also determine how much pressure to use and how long you use the brush on yourself or your clients. Fully customizing the use of the brush in any treatment. These brushes are extremely durable as well. Always forgetting about your instruments in the disinfectant or bowl? No worries! These babies can soak for longer and not get damaged. That doesn't mean forget about them overnight, but a little extra soak is going to be just fine. It's also pliable! Since it's silicone, it has a little give. That's why we put a metal support inside, down the middle, so that it is not flimsy. At the bottom, you will notice there is a spatula. Genius, right? One tool that can do two things. Sign me up! The spatula is great for applying product directly to the skin or into a bowl and has the perfect amount of give and flexibility. Another great feature is the brush is not heavy, but it is solid. Which made it very important to have a soft grip. You are able to easily and comfortably hold on to the brush. Also, the brush is featuring our standard gorgeous nude. The silicone brush is the perfect addition to any treatment room or home vanity. Last but not least, they are easy to clean and disinfect. Be sure to follow your state board regulations. Glow Tip: We recommend buying at least two. One for each hand. If you really want to save, wholesale is the way to go!
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