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How to be familiar with the operation of the spring machine5/5/2023
How to be familiar with the operation of the spring machine Spring machines are widely used in our daily life, and we must be familiar with the operation of spring machines when we use them.Get more news about Spring Machine,you can vist our website! 1. Connect the power transformer of the omnidirectional compression spring machine, according to the sample, use the detection range, hang or take clothes on the pendulum rod, swing the thallium, adjust the rocker of the buffer valve, point to the road sign, according to the appearance and specifications of the sample, put the corresponding The chuck is placed into the left and right jaw seats. 2. On the drum of the plotter, the recording paper (graph paper) is rolled and pressed, and the research staff only carry out the research when we have to. 3. Clamp one end of the sample into the upper clamp, start the lower clamp motor, lift the lower clamp to a medium aspect ratio, clamp the other end of the sample into the lower clamp, and make sure the sample is vertical. 4. Start the oil pump motor, set the pointer to zero, rotate the oil outlet valve, lift the paper 10 mm, and then close the oil outlet valve. 5. According to the loading rate specified in the design experiment, slowly turn the oil valve to work to carry out the system loading experiment. 6. Learn to put the paintbrush on the putter and put it down to describe the situation that can be prepared in advance (only when you need to draw a picture). The record management must be marked before it can pass the drawing. Tensile testing machine, universal material structure testing machine, digital display universal testing machine, hydraulic control servo system motor tensile testing machine. 7. Open the return valve. After throwing the support, the passive skill pin is zero. Remove the ruptured sample. Experiments such as pressing and bending can be performed with reference to the above types.
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