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15/5/2018 - End of Plastic Bottles

Do you like outdoor travel flask? Personally I have never liked plastic bottles... since childhood. For some reason I never liked plastic as a matter of fact. I had to give in and I have had to buy plastic in many circumstances but I have always given myself a choice to select other types of containers. The recycling of plastic bottles is a very important aspect of new environment policies. Approximately hundred millions plastic bottles are thrown away every days in the world. the figures could even be higher I am not sure about the figures. What is known is that approximately only fifteen percent of this amount is actually recycled. Where are the other eighty-five percent going is up to you to imagine. It is now also known that the fact that vacuum insulated bottles are made from oil, the toxicity of petrol is actually transferred into the water. The toxicity of oil can modify the natural properties of water. Hence when you drink water from a plastic container made out from oil you basically are not drinking the properties of water.

It is now possible to create bottles out of recycled paper, and which can be used for as many household uses as yo can imagine. There is now also a new product which is a bottle made from a polymer of lactic acid, which is a type of plastic originating from non genetically modified corn, and which seems to have come on the market since 2009. Have you seen it? the label of the vacuum water bottle is made with celluloid ink from vegetable glue and is completely recyclable. It takes approximately five hundred year to destroy a bottle made of plastic. It takes only three months to do so for a bottle made of organic material.

Organic production is not only about food and drinks it is possible to use organic material to convert most of the non recycle products common in household uses, This way we will give way to a better lifestyle. e with eco-friendly attitude, preserving bio-diversity, preserving our health and that of animals and plants. Every breath we take and every drop of water we drink depends on the status of the oceans. At this point in time, the status of the oceans depends on how we treat our allies, our friend the fauna and flora of this beautiful planet. think about it next time you are about to buy kids water bottles and think how you can use recycle material.
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22/1/2018 - One must decide on whether to use glass or plastic bottles

As there are only a few stores selling water today which has been filtered and treated through this process known as reverse osmosis, some individuals have started using this process to clean and filter tap water in the home. However, as these units are quite costly, most individuals and offices still prefer the traditional vacuum water bottle dispenser for both ease of operation and the ability to have hot or cold water at the touch of a button. So, while these new systems may be great for cleaning water through reverse osmosis in the home, many find they still prefer the traditional bottled water coolers and dispensers over, or at the very least, along with such home treatment systems.

Next, one must decide on whether to use glass or plastic bottles. Although glass is always better than plastic, to avoid a possible plastic aftertaste, many prefer glass. However, these glass and larger plastic jugs, even at the minimal three gallon size are extremely heavy when filled with water. Therefore, one need know the ability one has to lift and place such kids water bottles on the unit when making such a decision.

So, whether one is planning on using glass or plastic bottles, one may want to seriously think about looking at the new bottled water dispensers on the market today. This is because these type dispensers provide a closed storage space underneath the dispenser in which these water bottles easily slide in and out when it is time to refill or replace such bottles, eliminating a great number of health risks due to lifting and controlling such water bottles in the future.

In addition, this new style allows for easy access and keeps water fresher as it is only filtered, heated or cooled at the moment used which avoids the water becoming stagnant while stored in a reservoir, where water is often cooled on an ongoing basis. Therefore, these new bottled water dispensers in which the kids vacuum flasks are located underneath are a great design for either younger children or older adults as do they not only provide a better way to store and dispense water but also a way in which the water stays as fresh as the day it was purchased.

To this end, one can find a great many bottled water dispensers on the market today. Many of which are traditional top load dispensers, however anyone with issues relating to lifting or age, may want to also look at these bottom loading bottle water coolers as well. With regards to the treatment systems for the home or office, these can come in as small as a one gallon treatment unit which works on a counter top or through a larger system connected through a pipeline.

Whichever way one decides to go, one is most likely going to have some of the cleanest tasting water on the planet today, whether that is through water treated through reverse osmosis or distilled or spring water which have gone through additional filtration before being placed on the market. Therefore, when deciding on which plastic sport water bottle dispenser to buy, one need select the one that is best for their own home or office needs. In doing so, one eliminates health risks from contaminated or stagnant water and allows for a refreshing taste over tap water. Therefore, many find they are both happier and healthier when drinking fresh clean water, be it distilled and filtered, spring or treated, thus making such a purchase well worthwhile in the end.
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End of Plastic Bottles
One must decide on whether to use glass or plastic bottles


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