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Alternative Dresses

17/7/2017 - Gothic Clothing in the Films

There are some memorable films with a Gothic theme. Getting Gothic clothing to look just right in a film is essential in looking like the genuine article to those who enjoy films, books, TV and music inspired by this style. Here, we will collect several gothic films and clothing.

The original Blade, starring Wesley Snipes, hit the big screen in 1998 and grossed 130 million dollars worldwide. Wesley Snipe's (Blade's) Gothic clothing may be the central to the film's look. A long black leather jacket with metal buckles provides the main piece of clothing, while Snipe's face is perpetually dominated by a pair of dark sunglasses. Heavy boots and of course the rather sharp armament complete the look.

Underworld (2003) starred a character with a similarly icy disposition to Snipes - in Kate Beckinsale. She coolly deals out death a plenty to 'Lycans' (a form of Werewolf) in a similar manner to Snipes. Her Gothic clothing is however similar to Snipes, with a long black overcoat, with a general feeling of PVC and blackness pervading her look.

Beckinsale sticks with the Gothic clothing and film theme in 2004's Van Helsing, in which she co-starred with Hugh Jackman. Kate Beckinsale dressed in similar black Gothic clothing as in Underworld, but in this flick the male lead get the trench coat in brown. This innovation might be considered the only one of the film, which gave us some pretty standard gothic-vampire fare.

These three movies display some notable common themes in terms of Gothic clothing, particularly associated with the main characters. Black leather or PVC crop up again and again, along with long, dramatic trench coats - usually of the black order. Black trousers and heavy boots complete the outfit, ideal for the soldier-like duties of these blood thirsty characters.

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