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7/8/2019 - Creditors rarely show up to such meetings

  Individuals as well as business owners file bankruptcy every day in the United States, because they cannot pay their financial commitments as promised. No matter what type of case you file, you will have to appear in your local branch of the United States Combustible gas detector for home Bankruptcy Court at least once. But unless you have committed some type of crime such as lying about your assets or falsifying credit applications, your visits to bankruptcy court should be brief, limited, and uneventful. Some people mistakenly believe that if you hire a lawyer to handle your bankruptcy case, you do not ever have to go to court. Depending on whether you filed a case as a business owner or an individual, you will have to at least attend meeting of creditors.

Creditors rarely show up to such meetings unless they have evidence you lied to get an account or are hiding assets from bankruptcy officials. Chapter 7 for both business and personal finances permanently eliminates most of your debts. Businesses always must hire an attorney to file bankruptcy. If you are an unemployed debtor or work for someone, company, you have the option to file Chapter 7 without an attorney, assistance. However, you risk messing up your paperwork and having your case dismissed. You would then have to start over, which is a potentially costly and time-consuming process.

If you did not hire an attorney and filed Chapter 7, you’ll probably only have to go to court twice. Whenever you go to bankruptcy court for an official hearing or for paperwork reasons, you must go through a metal detector and show government-issued identification. This process protects you as well as those working in your local courthouse. It is hard to estimate wait times even if you have a hearing scheduled. Sometimes judges run late so your 9 a.m. hearing could start closer to noon.

But most bankruptcy hearings go pretty smoothly; you usually just affirm that your paperwork is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. Similar principles apply to the partial debt repayment plans offered for businesses in Chapter 11 and individuals in Chapter 13. However, you will probably need to attend court at least three or four times especially when a judge is reviewing the provisions of your proposed debt repayment plan. Some of your creditors might show up and request that you pay more, though if your paperwork is properly handled this is a fairly rare occurrence.

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30/7/2019 - All of these hazards are present in every home in one form or another

  Your home should always be a safe place, but there are several hazards that lurk in your home to make it dangerous. To lower your home insurance and protect your family, you should be aware of what these dangers are and how to deal with them. Falls While keeping traffic areas clear isn’t always practical, especially if you have kids, you can take other measures to prevent falls. For one thing, check staircases and steps to ensure they are solid. A leaning staircase or a warped step can cause someone to fall when they least expect it. If you have an older home with steps and no handrails, you should get one installed. You will need to have it in place if you decide to sell your home, and you might as well get it taken care of now for your own safety. Fires Fires can start in homes from many culprits. While you may not be able to prevent every issue, you can reduce the risk with working smoke detectors.

Only use flameless candles and clean out chimneys to help prevent fires. Have a professional check your wiring if you’re worried about an electrical fire. Make sure your dryer vent is clear so that lint doesn’t build up Gas alarm and cause a fire. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carbon monoxide is an odorless poison that comes from gas heat. Have your heating system inspected and keep a carbon monoxide detector in working order. Inspect it at least twice a year just like with a smoke detector. You’ll also want to make sure all gas appliances are working with no leaks. Drowning If you have a pool on your property, you want to make sure it is safe. Keep it behind locked gates, and place a cover on it out of season. Have it inspected regularly during the summer to make sure chemical levels are correct. Never leave children unattended around the pool even if they know how to swim.

Also, don’t leave water in the tub or small children bathing without supervision. A person can drown in just a few inches of water. Poisoning Kids are susceptible to poisoning because they like to check out unused or off-limit areas. They may open cabinets and get into cleaning products or other chemicals. Keep a child-safe lock on the doors and don’t leave anything sitting out. Even beauty and health products like lotion and makeup can lead to poisoning. Keep the number of the poison control center where you can see it something should happen so you can respond in the right way immediately.

All of these hazards are present in every home in one form or another. Don’t wait until something happens to protect your home, your family and yourself. You can also talk to your home insurance company agent to find out about other hazards or tips they offer to make your home safer. Remember that preventing an accident is much better than dealing with one after it occurs. ASA Insurance provides excellent coverage for car and home insurance in the Salt Lake City area with the lowest rates to the English and Spanish communities. Affordable rates and superior service for all home, auto and business/commercial insurance needs.

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Creditors rarely show up to such meetings
All of these hazards are present in every home in one form or another


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