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Does Juggling Multiple Offers Have You Stressed?22/3/2022
Does Juggling Multiple Offers Have You Stressed? If you are experiencing stress from dealing with multiple offers, multiple agents, multiple counters, on multiple properties, etc, eBrokerHouse has the solution....and it's FREE.To get more news about advance stox, you can visit official website. eBrokerHouse is a web-based transaction and offer management platform. Over 600,000 offers have already been submitted and managed though our offer portal. We allow you to receive offers on your listings direct from the MLS. All offers come into your account in one standard format. So no more managing multiple folders in Outlook combined with fax offers in manilla folders on your desk, offers with spilled coffee on them, offers in the back seat of your car, the offer you forgot at home, etc. With eBrokerHouse you have access to all your offers from anywhere at any time. All offers will be online for you to view in a very organized and efficient manner. You can search and sort your offers by dozens of criteria. You can reply to all agents that have submitted offers with just one email, saving you a lot of time. (EX. Please submit your highest and best offer by the follwing date). In addition, you can track all details of the transaction, all parties involved, your correspondence with all parties, all closing info, and much more. The entire negotiation/counter process is done online in the same manner. This is not digital signatures so there is no new "technology" for the listing agent, the submitting agents, or your clients to learn. This is as simple as attaching a document to an email. Nothing changes when dealing with your clients. You still work with them in the same manner you always have. They do not need to interact with our platform at all. If you are managing Short Sale or REO transactions that require additional management, eBrokerHouse has you covered with those as well. We allow you to track loan and payoff information, reimbursements due, BPOs, HOA info, maintenance and contractors, utilities, cash for keys, contacts, tasks, and more.
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