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The Offer Process Should Be Dictated By The Listing Agent.22/3/2022
The Offer Process Should Be Dictated By The Listing Agent. Throughout the real estate industry there are numerous platforms that allow real estate agents to infuse technology into the offer process. This is particularly the case when it comes to digital signature technologies such as DocuSign, Dotloop, EchoSign, and a plethora of others that allow agents to gather signatures on offer docs and send to the listing agent.To get more news about aron group, you can visit official website. All of these technologies put control of the offer process into the hands of the buyer and their agent. What we mean by control is the medium in which the offer is delivered and the process in which it is negotiated. By submitting an offer using ABC technology, the buyer's agent is expecting the list agent to grasp a technology they may have never used before. On first thought this may not seem like a big deal, but what if a listing receives multiple offers and each offer comes over in a different format utilizing a different technology? Each offer needs to be responded to on a different platform or utilizing a different technology. This is where we feel all of these technologies are missing the boat. Our thinking is that the listing agent should be the one controlling the offer process. The listing agent should dictate the medium in which they receive and negotiate all their offers for a property. This will allow them to have all their offers in one standard format that they are familiar with and allows for easy management and reply to the submitting agent. In multiple offer situations this will allow for much more organization and efficiency. It will also alleviate errors because the listing agent will be familiar with the technology they are using to negotiate the offer. Further, we believe the technology adopted by the listing agent to receive their offers should not require the buyer's agent to sign up for the service. On the buyer's agents end the process should be simple and easy with no sign up required. They should not be forced to learn a whole new technology just to submit an offer. This ensures they receive all their offers on all their listings in the same format. They can search and sort their offers by any criteria, reply to all submitting agents at one time, ensure complete offers by requiring fields and documents be included with the offer and more. Buyers' agents submitting offers do not need to sign up for or download any software. The process of submitting an offer is as easy if not easier that submitting an email with an attachment.
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